Youth Agency Project YAM concerned about avocado market decline due to increased farmers


May 20, 2022


The Youth Agency Mufindi (YAM) project, with a vision to invest in avocado farming in Mufindi district, Iringa region, has expressed concerns over the potential further decline in avocado market due to increased farmers' participation. They urge the government to intervene by attracting avocado processing investors or establishing its own processing plant.

They highlight a drastic drop in avocado prices from Tsh 18,000 to Tsh 1,500 per kilo, jeopardizing farmers' profits. The project emphasizes the need for government support to ensure a stable market and fair prices for avocado farmers.

Speaking at a training session for youth participants in the YAM project, trainer Aidan Kiwale emphasized the importance of government intervention in securing a stable avocado market.

He underscored the potential of avocado farming, especially compared to other crops like maize and tomatoes, citing its high yield and profitability.

The project aims to empower youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to engage in avocado farming, with promising results in terms of youth participation and interest.
Participants like Ester Kahama and Nehemia Mkusi expressed enthusiasm for avocado farming and acknowledged the benefits of the training provided under the YAM project.

The training sessions, conducted by the Mufindi District Council in collaboration with the Foxes Community and Wildlife Conservation (FCWC) project and YAM, aim to empower youth in agriculture and entrepreneurship.

The goal of the project is to reach 320 youth in 16 villages, but it has already benefited 420 participants since its inception in 2021.

Source: matukiodaimamedia
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