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Why wives of cyclists complain

Discussion in 'Mahusiano, mapenzi, urafiki' started by Nyaralego, Jun 19, 2010.

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    Why wives of cyclists complain

    Posted Wednesday, June 16 2010 at 20:18

    Boda boda cyclists are among the healthiest men in Kenya, easily shrugging off most illnesses, showing good muscle development and well toned bodies.
    But now research shows that most of them may not be in good sexual health. According to researchers from local universities, boda boda cyclists in Juja Town near Thika are among those attracting both the good and the bad health effects of constant cycling especially on rough roads.
    Physical education
    A study presented at an international conference on physical education and sports at Kenyatta University assessed 48 married boda boda operators for physical fitness and sexual wellbeing.
    The majority of the respondents, up to 63 per cent, were found to be somewhat very dissatisfied with their sexual health while about 30 per cent reported a decrease in sexual satisfaction compared to the period before they started the business.
    But when the researchers turned to other aspects of health such as heart rate and factors associated with overweight and obesity, they rated normal to better.
    The study titled: “Status of selected physical fitness attributes and sexual wellbeing of bicycle taxi operators in Juja”, says the physical exercise gained from cycling leads to increased general health and wellbeing.
    “However, when it is performed on rough terrain, it may lead to decreased sexual wellbeing,” says lead researcher, Francis Mwangi.
    The scientific study corresponds to an earlier one that was carried out by the Kenya Network for Dissemination of Agricultural Technology, which found similar trends among boda boda cyclists in Mwea in central Kenya and Busia in western Kenya.
    The study, while noting the good physical condition of the cyclists, was however perplexed by claims by their wives that since venturing into the business, they were much less sexually active.
    “Women who are married to boda boda operators complained about their husbands loss of libido, who on the other hand attributed their lack of interest to long hours of hard work,” said the Mwea/Busia study.
    Another paper presented at the same conference last week by Mwangi and his team, looked at the health status of fellow workers at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultural Technology and paints a clear picture of what could be happening to the physical health of office workers in Kenya.
    The team looked at blood pressure, heart rate, body fat and body mass and other health fitness related variables and returned a very worrying picture.
    According to the study, “Majority of the staff are not physically active and are below the recommended health and fitness status. “There is need for aggressive campaigns to educate staff members on the dangers of leading sedentary lifestyles.”

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