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Why Kenya doesn't need political but tribal parties

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Geza Ulole, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Geza Ulole

    Geza Ulole JF-Expert Member

    Mar 27, 2012
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    With the run off towards election (that the exact date still unknown) is nearing, the political barometer is once again heating up and every signs show the agenda behind succession is mainly based on ethnicity dominance and not the parties' policies and manifesto by already established political parties according to Kenya's constitution! On ethnic lines, the MPs from the main political parties PNU, ODM, KANU and NARC have all hit the road on campaign trails selling their ethnic polarizing messages across the counties and each tribe is having his/her preferred son/daughter to stand for the interest of that particular tribe on the place of the process that could have been handled easily by the parties they belong in a fair democratic society! those constitutional powers vested on political parties that unite people on common ideologies have now been snatched away by tribal kings, landlords, ring leaders and followers and on the brink of an eye sight, tribes have more powers than political parties that made these individuals who they are!

    What has gone wrong to an eight months old
    beautiful constitution that was colorful inaugurated with praises across the whole World last August? Where is the fourth invisible pillar (media) of a state to talk wake up the people that are threading on a thin line on the consequences of these horrendous tendencies that are setting up contrarily to the new constitution? Why GEMA (a one tribe association with a sect turned militia "Mungiki") is endorsing someone that does not know what party he stands for (i.e. with no electoral policies and manifesto)? On what merits was that endorsement, apart from him looking like them, speaking like them, came from same place like them! What more did we hear as uniqueness stands apart from he is fit to meet Raila a hate made opponent (classified under tribal value) that is supported by a Political Party, identifies himself under Political party banner and is to be endorsed by that party via Party electoral process!

    The explanation of the current events goes far than what we can imagine, Raila a man that solo underwent a democracy struggle that costed him a career upheaval culminated by suppression cum torture to nearly execution on forged treacherous allegations to force him into exile under irony fist cum totalitarian rule by Moi regime to make Kenya what it is today. While the rest were waiting a "favor in return" in other words to be spoon-fed, Raila is at the center of all this hate instigated by one major tribe that has nothing more than greedy incited firm grip onto power to wonder what is so special with their continuing efforts to hold on power that no another man of another ethnicity can ascend to but them!? during the Moi era this same community repeatedly voted for theirs to allow Moi win 1992 and 1997 since they constituted 22% of the population. It has to be remembered that during the 2002 election that brought Kibaki; Raila on good will for his nation, offered and extended an olive branch to the same community that hates him so bad (on historical grounds traced from his father)to pick one of their son and unite them with the rest of Kenyans on a cause by so doing managed to bring a demise of KANU and brought the change that the Kenyan people badly needed but none of the diverse ethnicity were ready to compromise their chances to offer support to one another! Raila was the main power broker under NARC that woke up the Kikuyus by showing them the main struggle should be to break up the strong dominance of KANU to have check and balance as far as multiparty politics are concerned! But this did not come easily, a MOU was agreed upon by different elements within NARC with an ultimate goal to have a new constitution immediately after Kibaki ascend to power!

    But as if history keeps repeating on itself and not man made, upon Mr Kibaki touch down at the Harambee house, he sidelined every agreement and collected his clans and kinsmen and the politics of the day started i.e. nepotism and impunity! It has to be remembered it was within this era the likes of Transcentury plc and Centum Plc crop from nowhere to accumulate wealth right and left unchallenged to become the forces we know today while alienating the majority of Kenyans except those that look and speak the same language with Mr President! On being cheated and rebuked a man that knows very well what is to spend 13 years under detention was badly hurt but not spirit broken and did not spare a step to quit the government and hit the road as all other reformers have done again and again! And on the his genuine strong belief that none of the inner circles in the government he deserted are genuinely willing to bring the change his society want badly for betterment of their welfare, and upon realizing the main opposition party KANU has thrown support behind the ruling party (a foul of its kind in a history of multiparty politics) he stood for that higher office; this time under ODM and none of us is not aware of what followed after the election results were announced! mayhem and over 2000 lives lost!

    For those of you that are keen observers of the scheme on plot will side with me to quash, first the court verdict on the election date of March 2013! None of us needs rocket science to see why the election dates were moved to that far and why those dates do not make a sense to have a new government that will severely affect the budget of a country since not flexible with the already set fiscal year and will interfere with budget of preparations of the year to follow! Moreover will an observant will question the rationale behind Kibaki's wisdom; as to why his Government is ready to undergo all those risks! the writings are on the wall to frustrate Raila attempts to ascend to power! while the Ocampo 4 are doing all what it takes to dismantle ODM network going as far as to convince the likes of a keen adamant n loyal to fairness in the name of Mudavadi to force grassroots nomination process of an ODM candidate in a country known by corruption fuelled by economic disparity at the expense of exposing the party that he is dreaming to vie for to the heavy pockets of the likes of Kenyattas under the umbrella of GEMA that incorporates all the who and who in corporate societies that are anti Raila and ready to influence the grass root voters! Just to let you know a bag of maize can buy many votes in many of the impoverished provinces of Western, Eastern and North Eastern whereas religious incitement can tilt a dice to a loosing side as what we just recently saw Balala motives!

    Raila, the man that stood for Muslims interests in that non-cosmopolitan but Christian dominated society of Kenya during the constitutional Review exercise, is now the number one enemy of Muslims just because he fired a fierce Balala from his ministerial job without people concerned looking deep at the forces at play behind "Fix Raila Presidency" all in the name of tribal cards! Of late we saw a forged report by Intelligence agency of Kenya that exposes UK involvement to be favor Raila and deliberately looking to fix the Ocampo 4! The report that is of more of espionage act could serious sever badly the relationships between the two nations all in the name of serving the political dominance of a tribe at power that is not ready to relinquish that was Constitutional bestowed oops by National Accord and Reconciliation Act 2008. That is something we need to ask ourselves where is Kenya heading? to anarchy state, i mean Somalia way?

    If all this happens to serve a certain nepotistic cum Aristocratic class/society that wants to rule always and alone in that multi-ethnic country and in the eve of the passing one of the best constitution and at the expense of misusing democracy (since being tribal is also a democratic right though at certain thresholds become unmerited!)then Kenya can fare well in a balkanized state that means let Kenya be divided into eight small countries and let each tribe has its own President (or rotational if a province fall under two or three tribes) for the sake of harmony and for the sake of avoiding a disaster that is to come if the ICC culprits are to refuse to go to Hague and if Raila is to be unfairly fought via ethnic instigated campaigns that are already underway (on various degree) on the ground! I foresee a disintegration of that nation beyond reparable state if nothing is done to contain what is slowly boiling in people's hearts, the Kenyan leadership right now is concentrating on how one can benefit on the situation at the moment and how to avoid the wrath of the ICC upon exiting power on the expense of the unity and for those few with guts to stand and speak on the rule of law are immediately contained (refer to
    recent reshuffle; Mutula Kilonzo was transferred to a less significant Ministry!).

    OR, on the same principle but different approach let tribal parties exist; at this current ambiance, a unilateral acceptance to the tribal parties can deter for all the current volatile state a nation is exposing to! Since on tribal level parties, a national cake can be equal shared since matters of concern are solved at root level and participation of many individuals is guaranteed considering many of the national issues have always been solved via tribal politics and after all evidently it looks like tribal politics agreed under Constitution terms can do better on Kenyan population that has embraced such leverage to an extend of automatically awarding an upper-hand to those communities that have managed to be much more organized on tribes to achieve self success economically! On tribal politics under tribal parties competition will heat up and hasten the development even further and will force consensus power brokering to be the order of the day and even much fostering a kind of democracy that is different from the universal norm!

    To be continued....
  2. Kabaridi

    Kabaridi JF-Expert Member

    Mar 27, 2012
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    There we go again, oops! party manifestos and "perfect politics"
  3. AshaDii

    AshaDii Platinum Member

    Mar 28, 2012
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    Kenyan's can not escape ethnicity... They are so selfish even within their own groups, be it from another tribal group? As time goes on if not calculatingly careful they nation would end up in one frenzy situation in the future. Let's just hope the Al-shabaab's hate towards all of them would unite them eventually...lol
  4. G

    Gangi Longa Senior Member

    Mar 29, 2012
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    i hope jamaa watakuelewa maana that's a boma about to catch fire!
  5. mfianchi

    mfianchi JF-Expert Member

    Mar 29, 2012
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    Mimi naombea hawa jamaa wawe kama Somalia,koo ndio zitawale Kenya,nitafurahi sana tena sana,hii itasaidia EAC ivunjike,tuliwaeleza hapa akina Mkapa,Kikwete kuwa huko wanakotupeleka na kung'ang'ania eti sijui jumuia/shirikisho la EA jirani zetu si watu wema,sasa tumeona wenyewe wanavyotaka kuchinjana tena kwa uroho wa kutawala kwa kufuata mambo ya UKABILA ambapo hapa kwetu hayapo,bila haya wala aibu Uhuru anaiambia mijitu na akili zao kuwa atawambia wapi pa kwenda na nani wa kumchagua na chama gani wakifuatew yaani mtu mmoja anaamrisha kabila lake nini cha kufanya,namalizia tena kuwa Wakenya ni wabinafsi mno husifia hata NDIZI utawasikia wakija TZ hizi ndizi si kama za kwetu za kwenyu si nzuri wala tamu huku anamaliza mkungu wa ndizi ambazo si tamu.waache wamalizane wenyewe,kwanza ukianza uchaguzi tufunge mipaka ili mungiki waishie huko huko
  6. Mawaiba

    Mawaiba JF-Expert Member

    Mar 29, 2012
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    I wish that top leaders (the so-called political decision maker) wa bongo, including aspirant watarajiwa, wangepitia thread hii ili wa-make mind.
  7. M

    Mwembetayari JF-Expert Member

    Mar 29, 2012
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    Herein lies the problem with Tanzanians! This week when Kenya discovers oil must have hit you jealous ****** so hard and now we can see your true colors!
  8. M

    Mwembetayari JF-Expert Member

    Mar 29, 2012
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    You are always bringing up every sign of disagreement among Kenyans as proof that Kenya is unstable. I ask you this question again!

    What has Tanzania done/ achieved with its 'Peace' since 2007?

    I have a list of national projects worth over $180 million started or completed by the Kenyan government from 2007 onwards:

    1. Thika Super Highway
    2. Eastern Bypass
    3. Lamu Port
    4. Nakuru International Airport
    5. Southern Bypass
    6. Isiolo International Airport
    7. Kisumu International Airport
    8. Wajir International Airport
    9. Isiolo resort City
    10. Konza City
    11. Menengai geothermal plant
    12. Ngong wind farm
    13. Turkana wind farm (Africa's Largest Wind Farm)
    14. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Expansion
    15. Nairobi Commuter Rail (Electric Train) (Under construction/ 2 Stations complete
    16. East Africa's first solar panel factory in Naivasha

    What do you have to show for your peaceful Tanzania since 2007?

    Please dont put up that silly bus project that has taken you close to 6 years now and it is not even halfway near completion! Who takes 6 years to build bus station and less than 15 miles of a single lane road?!