Why Bill Gates decides to Sell OFF Microsoft....


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Feb 12, 2007
Letter from XYZ of Bongo to Mr. Bill Gates of Microsoft​

Subject: Problems with my new computer

Dear Mr. Bill Gates,
Sat 2008.

We have bought a computer for our home and we have found some

which I want to bring to your notice.

1. There is a button 'start' but there is no 'stop' button. We request you to check this.

2. We find there is 'Run' in the menu. One of my friends
clicked 'run' he ran up to 10km! So, we request you to change that to 'sit', so that we can click that by sitting.

3. One doubt is whether any 're-scooter' is available in
system? I find only 're-cycle', but I own a scooter at my home.

4. There is 'Find' button but it is not working properly. My wife lost the door key and we tried a lot trace the key with this ' find' button, but was unable to trace. Please rectify this problem.

5. My child learnt 'Microsoft word' now he wants to learn
'Microsoft sentence', so when you will provide that?

6. I bought computer, CPU, mouse and keyboard, but there is
only one icon which shows 'MY Computer': when you will provide the remaining items?

7. It is surprising that windows says 'MY Pictures' but there is not even a single photo of mine. So when will you keep my photo in that.

8. There is 'MICROSOFT OFFICE' what about 'MICROSOFT HOME'since I use the PC at home only.

9. You provided 'My Recent Documents'. When you will provide 'My Past Documents'?

10. You provide 'My Network Places'. For God sake please do not
provide 'My Secret Places'. I do not want to let my wife know
where I go after my office hours.

11. My wife likes to press F6 to refresh, but i like F69 to
refresh i can't find buttom.


P.S: Dear Sir, how is it that your name is Gates but u are
selling WINDOWS?

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