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Who is Joseph Kabila and did he assassinate his ‘father’?

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by rosemarie, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie JF-Expert Member

    Nov 21, 2011
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    I. His origins :

    Joseph Kabila, in his real name Hyppolite Kanambe Kazemberembe, was born on 4th June 1971 of a Rwandan father on the name of Christopher KANAMBE and a Rwandan mother named Marceline MUKAMBUKUJE. His father was an opossant to the Rwandan former president Juvénal HABYARIMANA. He met Laurent Désiré KABILA, opposant of the Zairean former president MOBUTU, in the resistance movements based in the mountains on the rwando-zairean border, where they fought against their common enemies: MOBUTU and HABYARIMANA.

    After the death of his friend Christopher Kanambe in 1977, Laurent Désiré Kabila married (in the traditional customs) his widow Marcelline and adopted (in the same traditional customs) her two young twin children, a girl and a boy: Jenny KANAMBE and Hyppolite KANAMBE.

    II. A neglected youth :

    LD Kabila, who wed – several women (of which more than 13 -) when he went underground-and of which he got a number of children (more than 25), had only a limited – time to take care of the latter. So as he had not been able to push his studies beyond the secondary level, the young Hyppolite Kanambe was forced to do several jobs for his living- amongst which as a taximan,as a barman and of mechanic in the cities of Dar-are – Salaam and of Kigoma in Tanzania.

    -Indeed, his"foster father" (hear ‘step father'), LD Kabila, lived with all his family in exile in Tanzania during Hyppolite's childhood and adolescence. Kabila spent more of his time in exile in the traffic of the gold and diamond rather than fighting MOBUTU's regime; which often led him to cross the forests and the mountains of Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda, to exercise his fraudulent business

    III. Back to the native land

    In 1995, Hyppolite Kanambe decided to get back to his motherland the Rwanda, where he was welcomed by his uncle James KABAREBE, Colonel and Head of the intelligence services of the Rwandan Patriotic Army (APR), who accommodates him in his own home. At first, Kabarebe finds for his his nephew a job as "driver boy", in other words drive assistant of a delivery truck transporting goods in Kigali, before employing him as his private chauffeur.

    In 1996, when the Americans launch their military -base to prepare the invasion of Zaire, Paul Kagame appoints Colonel James Kabarebe as Head of the military operations and responsible of the "Zaire File". He supervises the recruitment and the training of the new recruits of the military base. This is when he takes the opportunity to register his nephew Hyppolite Kanambe to the training program, in order to incorporate him, at a later stage, to the invasion operation of Zaire that is being primed. Hippolyte Kanombe served in the Rwandan army in 1995. Several witnesses also stress the indisputable fact that Hippolyte Kanombe alias "Joseph Kabila" is fluent in kinyarwanda, the lingua franca of Rwanda.


    These dark zones one do not want to enlight Laurent Désiré Kabila's death has already poured a lot of ink without the mystery which surrounds him was unveiled. Far from us the idea to supply here the hidden causes and the definitive identity of the real authors of this tragedy which henceforth makes the Congolese politics a saga.

    However, while discovering some circumstances which preceded and followed the tragedy of Laurent Désiré Kabila's murder in the direct line of Joseph Kabila's ascent towards the summit of the power, we can only be upset with the concordance, the coherence and the convergence of these facts which place Laurent Désiré Kabila's "son" in the very center of the scene. Thus let us examine the main elements that were set before the tragedy strictly speaking:

    ACT I : Kinshasa, October 2000 : Mrs SIFA Mahanya's arrest

    Mrs SIFA MAHANYA, presented wrongly as being Joseph Kabila biological mother (we shall come back to it), is really Congolese and it is one of the numerous declared or known "wives" of LD Kabila with whom she had 6 children named: Joséphine, Cécile, Masengo, Gloria, Kiki and Maguy.

    Mrs Sifa lived with her husband in the Marble Palace, the official residence of the Head of State when at the end of October of the year 2000, Laurent Désiré Kabila has a severe discomfort after a meal. The medical examinations immediately practised diagnose a poisoning. The investigations led by the presidential security staff raise a bundle of serious indications of assumption converging on Mrs SIFA, who is accused of attempt murder on her husband and is immediately arrested on order of LD Kabila and imprisoned in the prison center of Makala in pavilion N. 10.

    ACT II : Kinshasa, 11 January 2001 : the exfiltration of Mrs Sifa from the prison center

    Behind his "father"'s back, Joseph Kabila organises the prisoner to be removed from her cell, with the complicity of the director of the prison, Mr. Kelly DIDO KITUNGUA. Mrs Sifa Mahanya is immediately secretly transferred to Lubumbashi where she is accommodated in a discrete place.

    ACT III : Lubumbashi, 12 January 2001: LD Kabila is advised to to cancel his trip to Cameroun

    The day after the removal of Mrs Sifa Mahanya, Joseph Kabila contacts his "father" who was preparing to fly to Cameroon to take part at the Summit of the French-speaking world. Joseph advises Laurent Désiré Kabila not to go to Cameroon on the basis of reliable intelligence in his possession information, about a plot against the president of DRC. Laurent Désiré Kabila who deeply trusts his "son" cancels his trip to Cameroon. From Lubumbashi, where he was, the Head of State get back directly to Kinshasa.

    ACT IV : Kinshasa, 15 January 2001 : Joseph Kabila orders the disarmament of the garrison of Kinshasa, then he leaves hastily to Lubumbashi.

    The day before the tragedy, on order of Joseph Kabila, all military of the FAC garrison of Kinshasa are disarmed without any explanation. Much more, colonel Eddy Kapend receives Joseph Kabila's strict orders to proceed to the arrest of the Head of the ExternalManagement Intelligence (ANR / OF), Mr. Ismaël Tutwemoto. It is Mr. Leta Mangasa, the ANR Chief General Administrator general-in chief who executes this arrest.After having taken all these apparently "inexplicable" measures, Joseph Kabila quickly and discreetly flies to Lubumbashi from where he makes a mysterious trip outside the country.

    ACT V : Kinshasa, 16 January 2001 : Laurent Désiré Kabila is killed

    In the middle-day, shots blast between the Marble Palace walls, the presidential residence. Laurent Désiré Kabila, seriously wounded to his head, dies a short time later, even before being loaded on the helicopter which transports him to the Private hospital Ngaliema.

    It is at nightfall that Joseph Kabila gives the order to open N'Djili airport closed since the announcement of the attempted coup, specially for him, to allow the landing of his plane from Lubumbashi! This behavior of Joseph Kabila seems at the least strange!

    How come a son, who scrupulously watched his "father" security until the day before, and who advise the cancellation of his trip to Cameroon because an imminent deadly danger, how come after the announcement of the attack on his "father", this "son" remained cloistered in Lubumbashi, at only 2 hours flight from Kinshasa, and joins the capital only at the end of the day, several hours after his "father"s death? Where had he spent the day? What did he match do all this time? Where did he really come from? Was Lubumbashi not a diversion?

    So many questions over the underlying causes of Laurent Désiré Kabila's death should have been investigated. However, for ourcountry, we have been working for years now. And today, numerous recorded testimonies are examined and scrutinized.The formal testimonies of the Congolese medical staff who had received Laurent Désiré Kabila body at the helicopter landing strongly confirm that the Congolese president had died well before his arrival to the private hospital.
    However, Joseph Kabila, who had taken control of the operations around " his father ", ordered the transfer of Laurent Désiré Kabila's body to Harare in Zimbabwe! He then multiplied deceitful communiqués addressed to the Congolese people to persuade them that his president was well. Dominique Sakombi knows about it! Why thus this masquerade and this macabre movements' around the mortal remains of a president of the Republic? Another mystery! But the detailed file of the Laurent Désiré Kabila murder will be the subject of another statement.

    ACT VI : Kinshasa : During the funerals, Sifa Mahanya is presented to the public as the "weeping widow", and then as Joseph Kabila's "biological mother"!

    During Laurent Désiré Kabila's funerals starting in Harare and ending 23 January 2001 with the burial in Kinshasa, Mrs. Sifa Mahanya, the prisoner removed from her cell 5 days before M'Zee assassination and hidden in Lubumbashi so far, gets out of her hiding place and is propelled on the national front scene. She is suddenly presented to the national and international press as " the weeping widow " of the deceased president and the biological "mother" of Joseph Kabila who has just taken his "father"'s seat in the conditions which we know. And here we are, the buckle is buckled!

    However, in his lifetime, throughout the war and during his mandate to the head of the country, Laurent Désiré Kabila never officially introduced the " first lady " to the Congolese people, in other words: his official wife among his dozen of wives! And, the one that was presented as "the weeping widow" had been removed from prison where she was held for attempted murder on her husband by poisoning. And the author of this removal is the very one who has taken the seat of the victim, and of which Mrs. Sifa gives for the very first time, the honorable testimony of being "the biological mother". Do you get the picture?

    Courtesy of APARECO
  2. Masikini_Jeuri

    Masikini_Jeuri JF-Expert Member

    Nov 21, 2011
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    Question: Which Kabila are you referring to here?
  3. Ng`wanakidiku

    Ng`wanakidiku JF-Expert Member

    Nov 21, 2011
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    Sawa dogo, ila hujaweka source, information zako zinaonekana credible!
  4. chiko

    chiko JF-Expert Member

    Nov 21, 2011
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    Jee!! Hii Hadithi ni sahihi?????, Hebu wasomi na wajuzi twaambieni!
  5. D

    Derimto JF-Expert Member

    Nov 21, 2011
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    Halafu hajamalizia vizuri amemalizia kama charanga bila kuweka nini kilimfanya amuue baba yake na nini hatima yake na source pia.
  6. rosemarie

    rosemarie JF-Expert Member

    Nov 24, 2011
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    Sounds credible! The Congolese I know have never accepted Joseph Kabila as one of their own and keep on refering to him as Rwandese without explaining! The Congolese have suffered for a long time and they deserve peace! However, for the brutality of Kagame in killing LD Kabila and J Habyarimana, the Rwandese dont deserve their false peace and Kagame should die a brutal death, In fact Kagame is wanted for war crimes in France for death of Habyarimana.
  7. rosemarie

    rosemarie JF-Expert Member

    Nov 24, 2011
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    Despite the story being too long, it is sad 2 learn how joseph kabila assasinated his father after all the trust he had 4 him . This world we are living in, truly belongs 2 the devil. This is why God wil end this world one day. kabila.jpg
  8. Edward Teller

    Edward Teller JF-Expert Member

    Nov 24, 2011
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    Kifo cha laurent kabila ni utata sana Kwa njia moja unaweza kumhusisha joseph kabila kwenye mauaji ya baba yake- Pia kifo cha laurent kabila kinawezahusishwa pia na mambo yafuatayo;

    laurent kabila alimamua kumuua MASASU-ambaye ndie aliyekuwa mtu wake wa karibu sana,then huy MASASU alimfanyia kazi kubwa ya kumobilse child soldiers weng ambao kati yao walikuja kuwa bodyguards wa laurent kabila-alimuua baaada ya kuhisi anataka kumpindua-jambo ambalo si kweli then mfanyabiashara yule m-lebanon-aliyepokonywa tender na kabila-coz alikuwa na marafk weng ambao kat yao ni rashid na boardguards wa laurent kabila.(kumbuka baada ya kabila kuuliwa-walimfwata nyumbani kwake wakamkosa wakaua ndugu zake walebanon 8).

    Pia USA wanahusishwa na hili swala-maana kabila hakuwa "goodboy" kwao-maana hata rashid aliyemuua kabila alikutwa na busnez kadi ya balozi wa usa kwa nyuma ikiwa imeandikwa kuwa akiwa na tatzo lolote apige number zilizoandikwa hapo-na same day kabila anauliwa balozi wa usa nae akaondoka DRC kuna watu kama kina eddy kapendi wapo jela lakini hukumu zao bado zina walakini.

  9. Ndahani

    Ndahani JF-Expert Member

    Nov 24, 2011
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    Huyu mcheza kamari anaweza kupewa shuluba na hawa madansa wa kimataifa.
    Hata hivyo am interested to learn more about Kabila.
  10. JS

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    Nov 24, 2011
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    Kabila the Father
  11. JS

    JS JF-Expert Member

    Nov 24, 2011
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    and what happened to the real mother? and the twin sister?
  12. l

    lubazi Senior Member

    Nov 25, 2011
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  13. M

    Mutambukamalogo JF-Expert Member

    Nov 25, 2011
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    Why this story 'erupt' during Elections in DRC?.
  14. rosemarie

    rosemarie JF-Expert Member

    Dec 11, 2011
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    hii habari ni kweli?
  15. Songambele

    Songambele JF-Expert Member

    Dec 12, 2011
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    Habari imeenea kongo hata kabla ya uchaguzi na ndio mtiti unapoweza anzia manake watu wa nje wanamikono yao congo na wenyewe wanataka sauti yao isikike.
  16. s

    sawabho JF-Expert Member

    Dec 12, 2011
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    Kama ni kweli yeye ndiye aliweka mkono wake kwa Baba yake, subiri mwisho wake naye, dhambi haijifichi. Hao hao alioshirikisha katika kutenda watakuja mgeuka.
  17. m

    mkweli1961 Senior Member

    Dec 12, 2011
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    Huenda taarifa hizi ni za kusuka. Wapenda madaraka mbona hawakuzungumza mambo hayo mapema wamesubiri hadi kipindi hiki cha uchaguzi. Mwacheni kijana amalize muda wake. Kabila ni raia wa congo .
  18. K

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    Uraia wa Joseph Kabila wazidisha kizaazaa Kongo


    Wakongomani walia na majeshi ya UN

    ADRIEN Christofer Kanambe, yule baba mzazi wa rais wa sasa wa Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasi ya Kongo, Joseph Kabila, anatoka kabila la Watutsi nchini Rwanda.Taarifa zilizopatikana zinasema baba huyo ni Mnyarwanda wa tumbo la wazazi wawili Wanyarwanda. Alizaliwa na kukulia Rwanda. Alikimbia nchi yake mwaka 1958.

    Adrien alikimbia baada ya Gregoire Kayibanda wa kabila la Wahutu, kupindua utawala wa kifalme wa Omwami Kigeri wa V aliyekuwa mtusi.

    Christofer, ambaye katika maandishi mbalimbali jina lake linaandikwa pia kama Christopher, alikimbilia Kongo. Aliishi eneo la Salamabela, mpakani mwa Manyema na Kivu ya Kusini, Mashariki mwa Kongo. Alipotoka Rwanda mwaka 1958 alikuwa akijulikana kwa jina la Adrien Christofer. Jina la “Kanambe” alijipachika ili aweze kujichanganya na wakazi wa Salamabela. Hakutaka kujulikana kuwa ni Mnyarwanda.

    Mmoja wa wapiganaji nchini Kongo aliyeongea na mwandishi wa habari hizi mjini Lubumbashi na kuthibitishwa na mwenzake jijini Dar es Salaam wiki mbili zilizopita, alikiri kumfahamu Kanambe, baba mzazi wa
    Hypolite Christofer Kanambe (Joseph Kabila). Anasimulia pia alivyokuwa na Kanambe katika Bandari ya Wimbi, tarafa ya Fizi, Kivu Kusini; hata kabla Kanambe hajamuoa Marcelina, mama yake Joseph.

    Anasema, “Tulipoingia bandari ya Wimbi, tulimkuta Adrien Christofer Kanambe pamoja na wanajeshi wake wa kabila la Kitusi.”

    Adrien na watutsi wenzake, baada ya kukimbilia Kongo, waliunda jeshi. Waliahidi kusaidia wapinzani wa utawala wa Joseph Kassavubu na Jenerali Joseph Mobutu (Sese Seko). Ulikuwa mkataba wa aina yake; kwamba wasaidie wenzao kumwondoa Mobutu na baada ya ushindi, majeshi ya Kongo yawasaidie kuondoa “utawala wa kihutu” nchini Rwanda.

    Wakati mwanamapinduzi wa kimataifa kutoka Latini Amerika, Che Guevara anaweka mguu wake Wimbi, kulikuwa na majeshi mawili. Che Guevara aliingia Kongo kupitia Tanzania. Askari wa Kabila walimfuata Kigoma na kumpeleka moja kwa moja hadi bandari ya Wimbi. Hapa ndipo alitambulishwa kwa majeshi mawili. Jeshi la kwanza lilikuwa la Wakongomani chini ya Laurent Kabila. Lilikuwa likiongozwa na Jenerali Kaliste Majaliwa wa kabila la Wabembe. Jeshi la pili lilikuwa la askari wa Kitusi wakiongozwa na Adrien Christopher Kanambe.

    Mtoa taarifa anaeleza kuwa walishirikiana vizuri na Adrien Christopher Kanambe, wakati huo Hypolite Kanambe (Joseph Kabila) hajazaliwa. Marcelina, mama yake Hypolite (Joseph), aliolewa na Adrien Christopher Kanambe mwaka 1968. Joseph alizaliwa mwaka 1972.

    Baada ya shambulio lililolenga kuteka mji wa Moba kutoka mikononi mwa Mobutu kushindwa, Laurent Desire Kabila aligombana sana na wenzake. Ugomvi ulikolezwa na chupa ya dhahabu ambayo wapiganaji walikuwa wameteka katika mashambulizi yao na kuwasilisha kwa mkubwa wao, Laurent Kabila.

    Wakati wapiganaji walitaka wampe mwenzao aende kuuza ili wapate fedha za kununulia silaha, Kabila alichukua chupa na kumkabidhi ndugu yake aliyetajwa kwa jina moja la Yave, ili aende kuziuza Lusaka, Zambia.Laurent Kabila alifadhaika sana baada ya jeshi lake na lile la kitusi lililoongozwa na Adrien Christopher Kanambe kushindwa kuteka Moba Moba katika shambulio lake la kwanza mwaka 1984.

    Kutokana na kushindwa huko, Laurent Kabila “alimuhukumu kifo” Jenerali Kaliste Majaliwa, (Mbembe) aliyekuwa akiongoza majeshi ya Wakongomani. Lakini Jenerali Majaliwa alikimbilia Tanzania, katika mji wa Ujiji, Kigoma ili kunusuru maisha yake.

    Baada ya Jenerali Majaliwa kukimbia, Kabila akampa Adrien Christopher Kanambe uongozi wa majeshi yote mawili – la Watutsi na lile la Wakongomani.Kuona hivyo, Wabembe wakakataa kushiriki katika shambulio la pili lililoitwa Moba II mwaka huohuo wa 1984. Walitamka wazi kwamba hawawezi kushiriki kwa kuwa Laurent Desire Kabila “amemhukumu kifo” ndugu yao – Jenerali Kaliste Majaliwa. Kuona hivyo, Kabila akaamuru Adrien Christofer Kanambe kuogoza jeshi lake la kitusi peke yake kuivamia Moba. Adrien alikubali. Alienda vitani.

    Vita vilikuwa viguvu sana. Inasadikiwa askari wapatao 180 wa kitutsi, kati ya 200 aliokuwa nao Adrien, waliangamizwa na majeshi ya Mobutu. Adrien alipigwa risasi na kuvunjika mguu.

    Wakongomani wa kabila la Wabembe walimwonea huruma Adrien; walimvusha kwa mtumbwi kutoka bandari ya Moba hadi bandari ya Wimbi ambako kulikuwa na makao makuu ya chama cha Laurent Kabila – Parti de la Revolution du People (PRP).

    Wale waliompeleka Adrien Christofer Kanambe kule Wimbi akiwa majeruhi, walisemezana kuhusu hatima yake. Hapa kuna maelezo ya aina mbili:

    • Maelezo ya kwanza ni kwamba waliompeleka walipewa amri na Laurent Kabila ya kumtosa majini kwa madai kuwa alikuwa “msaliti” kutokana na kushindwa vitani.

    • Maelezo pili yanasema waliogopa kumpeleka kwa Kabila kwa hofu kwamba wote wangeuawa; hivyo wakaamua kumtupa majini.

    Mtoa taarifa amesema, “…bali ni kweli kwamba Adrien Christofer Kanambe alitupwa Ziwa Tanganyika ili kutekeleza ‘hukumu’ ya Kabila aliyopitisha baada ya kumtuhumu usaliti katika vita vya pili vya kuwania Moba.Kifo cha Adrien, mwaka 1984 kiliongeza mtafaruku katika makao makuu ya PRP; na kwa kuwa Kabila alitaka kumuua Jenerali Kaliste Majaliwa, basi Wabembe walimchukia sana na kujikuta hana ulinzi tena.

    Baada ya kifo cha Adrien, Laurent Kabila alimchukua Marcelina, mke wa Kanambe. Akawa mke wake.
    “Wabembe walitishia kummaliza kabisa Laurent Desire Kabila; ndipo alipoamua kukimbilia Tanzania, akimchukua Marcelina, Hypolite (Joseph) na dada yake Jeanette na kuwabwaga Dar es Salaam.

    Jijini Dar es salaam walifikia mtaa wa Sinza ambako waliishi kwa muda kwa Bw. Didier Kazad Nyembo.
    Hata hivyo, kufuatia Laurent Kabila kuingia ikulu, Nyembo alifanywa mkuu wa usalama wa taifa, cheo ambacho ameshakitema. Hivi sasa ni mfanyabiashara ya madini nchini Kongo.

    Didier Kazad Nyembo, ambaye jijini Dar es Salaam alijulikana kama “Didi,” naye hakuwa Mkongomani. Taarifa zinasema ni Mrundi na majina yake halisi ni Didier Nyambere.

    Kutoka Sinza kwa Nyembo, Marcelina na watoto wake walitafutiwa nyumba ya vyumba viwili eneo la Msasani ambako waliishi kama mume na mke kabla Marcelina kwenda Uganda kutafuta msaada kwa ndugu zake waliokuwa katika jeshi la Museveni.

    Huko Uganda Marcelina alikutana na Fred Rwigema, mwanzilishi wa chama cha Paul Kagame cha RPF – Rwanda Patriotic Front.Rwigema alikuwa miongoni mwa vijana Wanyarwanda waliokuwa wamekubaliana na Museveni kuwa wamsaidie katika kuchukua madaraka Uganda na kwamba baada ya hapo naye awasaidie kuchukua madaraka Rwanda.

    Rwigema ametajwa kuwa binamu wa Marcelina na ombi la mwanamke huyo kwake lilikuwa kumsaidia kusomesha watoto wake. Taarifa zinasema Rwigema alikubali.

    Ndipo Marcelina akatuma habari kwa Laurent Kabila, Dar es Salaam kwamba apeleke watoto Uganda, yaani Hypolite Kanambe (Joseph) na dada yake Jeanette. Laurent Kabila aliwapeleka.

    Akiwa Uganda, Hypolite Kanambe aliishi nyumba moja na mjomba wake, James Kabarebe ambaye hivi sasa ni mkuu wa majeshi wa Rwanda. Kabarebe ni kaka wa Marcelina, mama yake Hypolite.

    Taarifa za mpashaji zinasema Museven alishinda vita nchini Uganda na Fred Rwigema akawa mmoja wa viongozi wakuu katika jeshi la Uganda.

    Ndipo Rwigema aliunda kampuni ya uvuvi iliyoitwa Uganda Fishing Company ikifanya kazi zake katika Ziwa Kitwe wilaya ya Kasese. Kampuni hii alikabidhiwa Hypolite Kanambe kuiendesha.

    Baadaye Hypolite Kanambe (Joseph) alikuja Dar es Salaam kuonana na Laurent Kabila. Alitumwa na mama yake aje kumshawishi ili aende Uganda kufungua medani ya mapambano dhidi ya Mobutu. Laurent Kabila alikubali. Alienda Uganda. Akiwa na wenzao ambao mtoa taarifa anakumbuka kwa mashaka, akina Benade, Filippe Mbanta, Edward na Sikatende, akaanzisha harakati za kijeshi kwenye mlima wa Ruwenzori mwaka 1987.

    Mbumba Nathanael, kiongozi wa chama cha FLNC, akitokea Libya, alitua Dar es Salaam mwaka 1987.
    Mtoa taarifa anakumbuka jinsi Mbumba alivyomtuma rafiki yake wa karibu kwenda Uganda kufungua medani ya kijeshi ya FLNC.Anasema huko alikutana na Hypolite (Joseph) pamoja na akina Laurent Desire Kabila.

    Uhusiano wa Adrien Christofer Kanambe, Museveni, Paul Kagame na Kabarebe ni wa muda mrefu.
    “Nakumbuka kuna wakati Museveni alipokuwa porini, alikuja Wimbi na akina Rwigema kuomba msaada ya risasi na bunduki kwa Kabila,” anasimulia.

    Taarifa zinasema akina Museveni waliwahi pia kuomba msaada huo wa silaha kwa chama cha Mbumba na kwamba hakuwanyima. Hata hivyo, mtoa taarifa anasema wakati huo, hakuna vita vyovyote ambavyo unaweza kusema walipata ushindi wa kukumbukwa. Katika kipindi hicho, akisaidiwa na Adrien, inadaiwa kazi yake kubwa Laurent Kabila ilikuwa “kufukuzana na madini. Tulikuwa hatuna oganaizesheni nzuri. Hakuna vita tulivyoshinda. Mnakamata eneo asubuhi, jioni mnavurumishwa; na ndio sababu Che Guevara aliondoka haraka,” anaeleza mtoa taarifa hizi.

    Sasa kwa nini Kongo haitulii na mapigano ya sasa ndani ya nchi hii kubwa ni ya nini?

    Tunapambana kwa sababu Kongo iko mikononi mwa Wanyarwanda. Inaongozwa na Mnyarwanda. Hypolite Kanambe (Joseph Kabila) ni Mnyarwanda; Mtusi asilimia 100. Hili halina ubishi,” anaeleza kwa sauti ya kusononeka.

    “Tunapigana kwa kuwa wananchi hawanufaiki na utajiri wa nchi yao. Wavamizi wanachukua kupitia huku; makampuni ya nje yananyonya kupitia kule; mwananchi anabaki masikini mwimba muziki,” analalamika.

    Yuko wapi Marcelina, mama yake Hypolite? “Bado yuko Kinshasa; anafichwafichwa, haonekani hadharani. Mara utasikia yuko Kigali, mara yuko Kinshasa. Mimi nimeishi nao wote Wimbi makao makuu ya PRP,” anaeleza.

    Hivi karibuni yameibuka madai kutoka kwa wakazi wengi wa Kinshasa kwamba, Mama Sifa Mahanya, ambaye amekuwa akidaiwa kuwa mama wa Hypolite Kanambe (Joseph), sasa afanyiwe vipimo vya vinasaba (DNA) kabla ya uchaguzi mkuu.

    Wapinzani wa kabila wanadai kuwa Sifa Mahanya “ametafuta mgogoro mkubwa na Wakongomani” na kwamba unaweza kungharimu.

    Hebu angalia hili, anasema mtoa taarifa, “Uganda imehamishia vita Kongo; Rwanda imehamishia vita Kongo; kila mmoja na sababu zake ambazo hazina mashiko.

    “Uganda, tangu 1996 inamtafuta Joseph Konyi; imeshindwa kumkamata. Sasa inapeleka majeshi yake kulinda amani Darfour na Somalia. Rwanda vivyo hivyo; interhamwe wake hawaishi hadi lini? Huu ni uongo,” anaeleza mtoa taarifa.

    Mkongomani huyu analaani nchi jirani kwa kuua Wakongoni. Anasema viongozi wa kijeshi (anawataja majina), “…wameua Wakongomani zaidi ya milioni sita (6,000,000)”

    “Hekima iko wapi? Uko wapi ukweli? Wanyarwanda 800,000 ndio genocide (mauaji ya kimbari); lakini Wakongomani milioni sita ni wanyama? Sio binadamu?” anauliza.

    Hata Jeshi la Umoja wa Mataifa (UN) nchini Kongo lenye askari wapatao 17,000 linalaumiwa kwa “makengeneza.”

    Lawama kuu ni kushindwa kwake kuwakamata Bosco Ntaganda, Mnyarwanda anayeongoza jeshi la Laurent Nkunda (Nkundabatware) la CNDP. Anasema Laurent Nkudabatware na wakuu wengine wa majeshi ya nchi jirani, waliingiza majeshi nchini Kongo na kuua raia; lakini jeshi la UN haliwaoni. Lenyewe linamshikilia Jean Pierre Bemba “eti ni muuaji.”

    Hofu ya majeshi ya UN, anasema ni kama ile ya majeshi ya nchi za wavamizi. Wanaogopa kwamba Jean Pierre Bemba akishiriki uchaguzi Kongo, atashinda kwa kishindo.

    “Wanamshikilia ili kuzima nyota ya Wakongomani kung’ara,” anaeleza huku hatua kwa hatua, macho yake yakigeuka kuwa mekundu.

    Wachunguzi wa mambo ya siasa Kongo wanasema mjadala wa uraia wa Hypolite Christofer Kanambe (Joseph Kabila) umeshika kasi katika sehemu kubwa ya Mashariki mwa Kongo na miji mikubwa nchini humo

  19. Puppy

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    Duuuh ni vizuri kuwa na maktaba ya historia
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    Siasa za vinchi vyetu:
    .....wakikukosa kwenye wizi wa KURA watadai wewe MDINI...wakikukosa kwenye UDINI watadai wewe ni KIBARAKA..wakikukosa huko utaambiwa SI RAIA!

    Siasa za hovyo kabisa hizi!