What is the true polarity present in nature?

Sep 14, 2016
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For so long we have been thinking that negative and positive are the two reverse polarities ruling nature. What if the true controversy exists between being and non-being, presence and absence or existence and non-existence?
Think of this, Electronic scientists works under the phenomenon that; if electron is not present (a negatively charged sub-atomic particle); a hole is created that is termed as positive charge.
If this phenomenon could influence the whole electronic field, i think we can review properly what we have been believing (+ve & -ve) to be somothing existing in limits or otherwise partial and not complete knowledge.
Question of interest;
If nature is balanced by positive and Negative polarities, how do we explain the knowledge of unipolarity; such as what we know about Gravity? I have never heard it(gravity) being repulsive!

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