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We dumped the digitized Samuel Sitta; Now we are back to Analog Era.

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by The Prophet, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. The Prophet

    The Prophet JF-Expert Member

    Jun 21, 2011
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    There is only one option...to suffer the consequences. I can't imagine how CCM MPs wrongly decided to dump the strong man Samuel Sitta. I mean who advises CCM people? It is proving day in day out that they made a big mistake to opt for the arrogant woman, Ms. Anne Makinda. If the point was to instate a female Speaker, CCM could do better by electing my wife, not Anna Makinda. Tell you why?

    Look, the society knew her since in her position of depute Speaker. She used to be a kind of a person not user-friendly to MPs, particularly those from the opposition camp. She was so abusive and disobedient of the opposition MPs.

    But one fool person within CCM came with a foolish idea. Just a fewer moment from the setback the giant party suffered humilliation from general elections. This fool consultant, if I can rank her/him ignored the fact that the punishment the ruling party faced during general election was well catalysed by a lot, but Makinda as well. I myself used to be a good follower of Bunge, but I used to feel pleasure when Sitta or Jenista was leading the debate.

    Now that she is a speaker of our bunge is unthinkable. I no longer follow the bunge debate. What I do is to go through newspaper headlines in the mornings to learn abour Bunge fracases and there are a lot and most of them involve this woman.

    Makinda is inferior (of her level of education may be) . She wants to dictate, not to lead. She will fail.

    The digital error of the strong man, Samuel Sitta might be over. But with this old lady on the position of Speaker, with her analog way of dictating things, it's gonna be even worse for CCM.

  2. M

    Mbopo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 21, 2011
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    This is what the musketeers wanted. To reduce the august house to a mere comedy much to their pleasure and at a cost to most wananchi. It tells you that these faces will be familiar if, as anticipated, the guy from Monduli, known for vendetta and vengeance, takes the helm of the leadership in 2015. I am in full support of those who dubbed her "Bi Kiroboto". They couldn't be more correct. They would'nt let Sitta serve the people because of the "sins" he committed to these lords of impunity!