Elections 2010 Wapiganaji na matokeo hadi sasa - lets support them


Jul 28, 2009

I have drafted this table just to give you a rough picture of how opp. candidates scooped tanzanian trust for representation mjengoni. The list includes those who won and declared according to NEC officials as well as those who won but for some reason... a group of few people for their own itnerest managed to maniputate results... but this is just a begining of democracy journey in TZ and believe me in next 10 years we will have different story if we wont give up...

You can see the margin on those who were close to win, mostly undoubtfully flaw...

My advice, If you believe in democracy and your vision is to see TZ where is suppossed to be, please continue supporting below MPs and opposition in general

It is sad to see TZ poor to this extent while we have Tanzanite (only in TZ on earth), Diamonds, Gold, Coper, Silver, Coal, Salt, Uranium, Natural Gas, Petroleum, Kilimanjaro Mt, Game reserves and National parks, Lakes (Victoria, Nyasa, Tanganyika, ++), & Ocean, Historical sites, Deepest Hobour in EA (Mtwara).... and many more..

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