Let them go

Shusa luck

Apr 7, 2021
“People in your life
are like passengers on a train
who come and go
at different stations.
Some are strangers,
others acquaintances,
and others, relatives, friends or lovers
who you may wish to remain with you always on your journey.

And when they have reached their stop
and it comes time for them to leave,
you may feel that they are leaving too early
and take it personally when they must go,
feeling that maybe if they could see how perfect you were together
or you had more time,
you could prove to them
that they should stay
and choose to be with you,

not realising that it is inevitable that they leave,
for your paths were only ever meant to intersect
for that moment in time
however brief it was
as they have their own path they must follow.

And they are not on the wrong path;
you are simply on different paths.
And their path in life
is not for you to know;
it is only for you to love them
as best as you can,
while supporting them on their journey
and trusting that sometimes the universe takes certain people away from you
on the path to bringing you where you’re meant to be.

And though it is beautiful when they stay,
it is also beautiful when they leave,
because sometimes you will meet someone so special to you
that after meeting them,
you are no longer the same
as you have been transformed for the better
and they have helped you to see life through new eyes.

And though you were not meant to travel the entire journey together,
you share the same ultimate destination
and will one day be reunited.

And in the meantime,
you may trust that for the people
you are yet to meet on your journey,
you will meet them
when you are not looking for love.

And though there are people
who when you look into their eyes,
it feels like you have known them for a thousand years,
this means that you must also have known thousands of others,
and that you are still to meet thousands more.”

Words by Shusa Luck

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