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Feb 10, 2014
Employment Opportunity: Senior Techno-Commercial Sales Professional

Our Client CATS (T) Limited is a 47 year old and well established hardware, solutions and training based IT Company based in Dar Es Salaam. We, its representatives, are currently seeking to recruit at least one Senior Techno-Commercial Sales person to get buyers and sell software solutions and related services to Public and Private Sectors. This Sales Executive, while shall begin operating as an individual, should be able to develop himself as a potential manager and as a public relations person with regards to the government and large enterprises which thus requires him to have and further hone strong networking skills for the latter. This implies that the individual needed is one that already has a local and established network of prospective clients for the reason that we need performance at the outset. This is why we also need, as implied below, an individual who is currently and successfully occupying a sales role in another enterprise and has never been let go from a company, in his/her history of employment, for one reason or the other. This team member is expected to improve any area where a formal/informal impact shall position the company for short, medium and long term success. We believe that such team member will have a performance and success oriented psychological makeup and can deeply share our passion and vision of proliferating IT solutions to our society with mutually benefitting transactions. The Art, Science and the corresponding satisfaction that comes with lifestyle of Marketing (including selling) and Management has to be a manifestation of a deep seated passion for this candidate.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a tracker, for monitoring and giving insight, sharing with line managers when required and measuring against intelligently derived and multiple KPIs and CSFs such as of generated and prospective leads, sales achieved, access to decision makers, etc.
  • Meeting sales targets and understanding the importance of this with regards to the success, needs and ambitions of the company.
  • Making telephone (includes cold-calling) calls and in-person visits, and using social media to network and market.
  • Influencing peers, managers and subordinates across the enterprise to become better leaders and performers, particularly in sales, due to being a person that desires prosperity and growth for oneself and others.
  • Being ready to occasionally lead, when asked to, the monthly sales meetings, other meetings and the training of peers and subordinates. This includes personally understanding (and mastering), personally applying and then training on each constituent part of the sales process and function.
  • Selling existing technologies but be open to identifying and selling other technologies when required; i.e. Business development.
  • Negotiating intelligently with current and prospective suppliers in a manner that builds relationship and creates competitive advantage.
  • Pursuing intelligent and self-determined combination of small and large businesses that sh
  • Selling, mainly to a new customer base, the company's products and services and to demonstrate professionalism by following best practices such as prospecting, generating minimum number of leads, selling to and attracting customers in a variety of intelligent of marketing strategies and tactics.
  • All enable, at the least, meeting of the target while simultaneously and relentlessly pursuing self- development (personal growth) in the pursuit of more opportunities.
  • Occasionally, when asked to, taking responsibility of preparing of adverts with the specified budget.
  • Supplying and developing management with oral and written reports on customer and supplier needs, problems, interests, competitive activities and potential for new products and activities and to facilitate the achievement of goals/vision (market and industry intelligence) with regards to the foregoing.
  • Handling inbound sales enquiries.
  • Creating proposals, bid and other necessary documents and presentations and following up on post proposal activities till closure.
  • Driving personal and team coordination with and between clients, support team, development team, sales team and any other team.
  • Performing all and whatever kinds of positive activities to meet goals and achieve results as a passionate, results oriented and intelligent person would.
  • Getting buyers for other IT products and services (internet/hardware/training) of the company when required.
  • Intelligently using the features of MS office for achieving objectives where deemed useful.
  • Making (and liking to make) intelligent decisions, independently, when deemed necessary or provided the opportunity and learn from them.
  • Keeping abreast of product applications, technical services, market conditions, competitive activities, advertising and promotional trends through the reading of pertinent literature and consulting with marketing and technical service areas.
  • Expediting the resolution of customer problems and complaints
  • Participating in trade shows and conventions.
  • Reviewing and streamlining operations in the scope of responsibility and propose the same for beyond scope activities, where applicable.
  • Ensuring quality of service to clients and advising clients and prospects by developing and using detailed knowledge of the technical specifications of Softwares and the applicability of software programming to solve clients' foreseen and unforeseen needs in different contexts/fields
  • Understanding systems and processes used to deliver customer experience and improve and document them.
  • Ensure profitability by good pricing and cost saving practices.
  • Continuously driving improvements in the marketing, quality and appeal of existing products.
  • Not putting the company into problems.
  • Solving the company's' challenges/problems and converting them into opportunities where possible.
  • Identifying advantages and disadvantages by comparing the company's products and services and using this to identify selling points while driving improvements.
  • Creating and managing a customer value plan and highlighting improvement opportunities for existing customers.
  • Taking initiative to arrange internal or external meetings to gather information, to motivate team and/or to meet other objectives.
  • Maintaining link with multiple people in the companies of existing and new customers for maintaining continuity and expanding opportunities.
  • Ensuring maintenance of contracts and renewals in a systematic way.
  • Thinking proactively and work in close coordination with the top management.
  • Propose strategic and tactical objectives and courses of action to top management along with means of achieving.
  • Propose solutions with upward communication of challenges and convert them to opportunities independently and together.
  • Research sources for developing prospective customers and information to determine their potential
  • If needed, seek peer/management support but take charge of action and results.
  • Eliminating or reducing obstacles to productivity and achievement of dreams, aspirations and objectives; savoring the evolutionary (kaizen) and/or revolutionary improvements personally and with the team.

Essential Pre-Entry Skills, Experience, Qualities and Values in Criteria for selection:

  • Minimum of five years of experience in a diverse range of Marketing operations such as Selling, advertising, developing channels of distributors, developing procedures and service standards, planning and implementing related controls, designing and implementing training programs for bringing keen customer focus, high energy level and team spirit in the employees.
  • Proven ability to meet and exceed sales targets.
  • Lived outside of Tanzania for a few years, even if for studies.
  • Currently and successfully occupying a sales post in an enterprise.
  • Display of commitment with the will to stay and develop rather than leave and should not join the company without being personally satisfied with this and the company's vision. Joining the company will be taken as a statement of this commitment. The reason for this is that the company's management shall start by assuming a committed approach towards the new staff in its planning, communication, behavior, actions and thinking with respect to him/her; the same courtesy and character should be extended. The company's management does not appreciate those that join as a short lived stepping stone and thus endorses understanding and disclosure to facilitate understanding prior to joining.
  • Good knowledge of (or ability to gain knowledge of) Oracle, Sage ERP 300, Data center , Microsoft technologies, security solutions, cloud based solutions, SMS and USSD, embedded Solutions, DMS and other software technologies as and when required.
  • Excellent presentation skills; this includes knowing the science and art of presenting.
  • Desires and skills of Emotional intelligence (intrapersonal and interpersonal), Critical thinking, problem solving skills, logic, creativity thinking and develop others with the same by leading with example and with sincere, thoughtful and inspiring communications and actions.
  • Well-organized and have deep seated interests in being professionally inclined by knowing very well its importance and to the development and leadership of the organization (and its culture)
  • Able to work on own initiative and self-actualization oriented. This includes being intrinsically motivated and having deep seated reasons for succeeding, developing and achieving
  • Positive attitude
  • High endurance and resilience
  • Maintain fast pace, if and when needed, with regards to action.
  • Wise exercising of patience.
  • Abhors using profane language
  • Clear in communications.
  • Charismatic
  • A good leader and follower, where required.
  • Loving technology
  • Desiring to be a manager and loving the science and art of management
  • An avid reader
  • A wise advisor
  • Strong willed yet humble
  • Trustworthy, Truthful and Sincere.
  • Deep interest in his career and harmonizing personal objectives with the growth of the company
  • Able to and constantly interested in expanding comfort zone by challenging the development of this zone; alternatively, not being limited by comfort zone mentality; whatever as seen fitting for self-actualization and performance.
  • Strongly networking oriented since his and others networks shall be among the biggest assets; thus, have deep seated and meaningful interest in networking and socializing.
  • When faced with challenges, to know any area of weakness in personal attributes and know how and where to find knowledge to coach and mentor oneself to develop and improve.
  • Honest
  • Sincere
  • Tenacious and positively/constructively assertive
  • Resourceful
  • Good will towards fellow humans and empathetic
  • Not lazy in applying mental and physical capabilities and energy to achieve objectives and learn and not displaying hesitation in doing any tasks. Applying a combination of smart and hard work.
  • Not arrogant or/ and condescending.

Minimum Qualifications:
1) Degree in Business Studies, Computer Studies, Telecoms, or related professional qualifications plus equivalent experience
2) Certificates/awards in Management Skills
3) Certificates in Marketing/Selling Skills
4) Certificates in Customer Service Skills.
5) Have a drivers' license

Work location: Dar Es Salaam; should be able to commute when deemed necessary.

How to apply:
Send CV online through
Closing date for Applications: 10th June 2014. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Human Capital Department:
Excel Management and Outsourcing (T)Limited
Msasani Beach, Plot 157
Dar es Salaam


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