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Mar 21, 2007
Hii email nimetumiwa nimeona nishare na waungwana hapa...Wikendi njema


My husband (Lincoln) and I were shocked when we went to the Craigslist website and realized that the only African countries that were listed on Craigslist were South Africa and Egypt. Craigslist is one of the most visited websites in the world at more than 8 billion page views per month and supposedly a symbol of the internet community spirit. It is often in the news for its community involvement and the non-commercial nature of it.

We evaluated all the possible reasons for this, but we couldn't come up with a good reason why more African countries weren't listed. In every large town in Africa, people have internet access either in their homes, but mostly in the numerous internet cafes scattered throughout town. Lincoln being a web developer, instead of wasting his time trying to get Craig to do it, he decided to create a Classifieds website for Africa: . was just launched and I would love for you to tell your friends and family back home to use it to buy and sell things online for free!!! It has all 53 countries/island groups and all major cities in Africa.

Currently in Africa, if you are looking for a new or used computer or cell phone you have to rely on the local shop keeper. You are forced to take the price that they give you after you haggle them down a few dollars. In the rest of the world, you can check online, check the local stores and check your local Craigslist for the best price in town. What often happens in Africa is you end up paying way too much because you are not aware of all the people in town that might be selling the same product. If people start using in Africa, they will have choices. Another shopkeeper or a personal seller down the street might be selling the same computer for a much better price, but you have no way of knowing this today. is not just for selling and buying items. It allows you to find and post job listings, find and sell housing, post community events and a number of other community related topics.

Please encourage your family and friends to use the website. IT IS TOTALLY FREE.
If you have products, events, jobs etc. that you want to post online for your friends and family back home, by all means do it.

Please send your comments to we really value your opinion and spread the word to other Africans!!!!

Lincoln and Singi

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