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Nov 4, 2010
Dar es Salaam - A city businessman dealer was gunned down on Thursday night, in what relatives suspect may have been contract killing.

Onesphory Kituly, 54, was pronounced dead at the Muhimbili National Hospital on Thursday night where he was rushed in critical condition shortly after a lone gunman pumped five bullets into his chest, stomach and chin.
He was shot at about 7pm outside his home in Magomeni area in Dar es Salaam. The gunman, according to family members, approached him outside the gate as he prepared to drive his car into the compound.

"We heard loud bursts and when we ran to the scene, we found the victim slumped on the steering wheel with blood oozing out," a neighbour told The Citizen yesterday. The suspect, they said, quickly escaped along Msichoke Street.
Yesterday, the deceased's widow, Mary, said her husband was killed only five hours after seeing her off at the Julius Nyerere International Airport.
"I was on a business trip to China and got the shattering news as soon as I landed in Hong Kong. I cut short my trip to return home," she tearfully narrated as mourners converged to console the family.

The family has businesses in Kariakoo and Kituly also mined tanzanite in Mererani area. Friends said he had recently extended some of his activities to Mozambique. The couple has two children, aged 14 and 11.
The cold blooded murder also exposed culpabilities of the men in uniform, with one witness who claimed that police officers at the Magomeni station failed to act fast on his report and appeal to help apprehend the suspect.
According to the witness (name withheld), he chanced to meet the killer a few metres away as he escaped from the scene, and trailed him for sometime . However, his efforts to get the police, a uniformed member of TPDF or ordinary members of the public to intervene, fell on deaf ears.

"He was dressed casually and had a cap. He was running from the scene and carried a size A 4 brown envelope. I sensed he was the suspect and I immediately trailed him along."
"At Magomeni Mapipa, he bordered a daladala bound for Mwenge which I also bordered. He went and sat in the back seat and covered his envelope with his cap. That is where he must have hidden the gun," he said.
He said when the daladala stopped at the Usalama bus-stop, he disembarked and rushed to Magomeni Police station and asked officers at the front desk to help to arrest the suspected killer.

"The police claimed they did not have a car and asked him to wait as they summoned one. But there was no time to wait and I volunteered to hire motorcycles, an idea they turned down." With no help forthcoming, he took a motorcycle in time to catch up with the daladala at Manzese. He skipped Urafiki police station on the way due to the earlier experience.
At Shekilango near the Institute of Social Work, his subject alighted and went straight to a fast food joint at a petrol station and met two other men with whom he exchanged the envelope for a polythene paper bag.
"I overheard him tell the two accomplices how he had accomplished the job and only wanted his dues.

At this juncture I sought help from a man in military uniform and two other young men who were passing nearby but they ignored me."
The witness said soon after, the suspect walked out and hopped into a supermarket at the same place and bought some goods. "With the possibility of losing him, I confronted him as he boarded a tricycle taxi (Bajaj) while shouting... "You have killed someone.....I saw you runaway....but I could not stop them and gave up a chase."
Kinondoni regional police commander Charles Kenyela, said the police have launched investigations into the murder.
"We shall arrest the culprit at any cost. If we do not work to end this type of killings, people will lose confidence in the police," he said

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Mar 22, 2006
Polisi hatuna. Tuna waomba hongo na wazuia maandamano. Polisi wetu wanawaogopa majambazi halisi. Wanauwa raia wema na kuwaita majambazi.

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