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Ukweli kuhusu dowans (t) ltd....!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Mkeshaji, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. M

    Mkeshaji JF-Expert Member

    Jan 18, 2011
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    Ndg. wana JF,
    This email was sent to me yesterday. I have realised it would be worth to share this with you Great Thinkers. (Ukichukulia maanani nimesoma post moja kuwa Tanesco wamekaa kikao cha kuandaa waraka wa kuwalipa Dowans).

    Hi everyone; I'm back, wounded and limping but still kicking LOL. Numerous trips I have made since I reported to you about the then pending ITV saga. With some of my "little ones" we were able to travel extensively through Europe, US and Costa Rica as well as making some contacts in Singapore. What we have discovered is nothing less than shocking!

    I visited the so called Headquarters of Dowans S.A in Costa Rica and had access to relevant organs that deal with businesses there. Some of the things we were able to raise with the Costa Rican gvt and the US gvt were addressed in the meeting in London when the major economic powers addressed the current economic crisis. If you can recall, Costa Rica was named as one of the countries that unless they change their legal framework concerning offshore accounts they will be blacklisted. We are glad as we left the Costa Rican gvt decided to change some of the laws and regulations. We are eternally grateful to those people who made the trip worthy taking and fruitful.
    We learned a number of things about Dowans:

    a. If It was registered in Costa Rica then simply as a briefcase company. Due to the legal and procedural laxity that existed then in Costa Rica it was very easy for some shady businessmen to appoint a "lawyer" who would act as their middleman and a point of contacts.
    After our extensive investigations through different lawyers organisations we were unable to find the lawyer involved with Dowans nor his/her address or whereabout. One authority told us confidently that such a person does not exist except in papers.

    b. We visited the offices of Dowans Costa Rica as indicated in their BRELA forms. In these forms Dowans (T) has listed two companies as one of the major shareholders, one is Dowans S.A of AVENIDA DE LA ROSAS 3J
    CALLE BLANCOS, 1150 sAN JOSE, COSTA RICA and the other company is a major Singaporean company and world world leader in Port Management.. Portek Internation of 20 HARBOUR DRIVE #02-01 PSA VISTA, SINGAPORE 117 612 (Portek International Limited).

    The later (Portek) assured us with no qualifications that it has no share, none whatsoever in the Dowans (T). And it is not involved in energy products in Tanzania. The only project they had was the sale of some logistics equipments to TICTIS. This can be verified easily by contacting: Tel: (65) - 6873 1114 or Fax: (65) - 6873 2224

    The former (Dowans S.A) has been a pain in some places better left unmentioned. The report of our investigation team under my able leadership came to this conclusion "there is no such a business in Costa Rica operating under that name".

    Indeed my visit to the address mentioned in BRELA forms led me to a free trade zone. A check of the business located there revealed no such company. After combing public and private records such as the National Registry of Costa Rica, Telephone, electricity, automobiles and database searches all revealed nothing. Not about Bernal Zamora Alce (the "lawyer") nor the company itself.
    Our conclusions then are as follows:

    a. Dowans entered into Tanzania under false pretenses, providing misleading information and therefore has engaged in fraud.

    b. Due that fact in a, Dowans in Tanzania was wrongly registered and its activity as a company had no legal basis

    c. Due to (a and b) Dowans lacks legal standing in our courts to ask compensation as an illegal entity operating illegally.

    d. The government should seize all of Dowans assets and take everybody who was involved in enabling this company to enter into a contract with Tanesco to a court of law for abusing their offices and authority.

    We have finished the incredible work on Meremeta going back to the time of Wemba Dia Wemba and the second Congo War. We have submitted our work to our commander of ideological battles to decide if he would publish them or due to the explosive nature (no pun intended) of the allegations he would not publish in Cheche.

    After we bankrupted him he wants to charge a one time 25USD for the Special Edition of Cheche on Meremeta (good luck M!).

    It is the choice for the CCM MPs to continue to support their corrupt government or to take it to task and restore the rule of law. We hope a courageous CCM MP will bring the issue of Dowans to the floor of the National Assembly and call for an independent inquiry to refute the allegations we have raised or confirm them. We believe such an inquiry will have more resources to dig more and do more than we did with our very limited budget.

    Thanks M for giving us another mission. We are ready to fly again.
    We humbly submit.

    Jerome Manyahi, SJ
    Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy
    Loyola College, CHENNAI, 600034
    Tel: +919941870488
  2. K

    Kuntukuntu Member

    Jan 18, 2011
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    Mh! Poor Tanzanians!
  3. bluetooth

    bluetooth JF-Expert Member

    Jan 18, 2011
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    Dessa ni lile lile
  4. Kiresua

    Kiresua JF-Expert Member

    Jan 18, 2011
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    Mze asante kwa taarifa, ingawa hi imekuwa hapa jamvini ni mwaka na ushee sasa.
  5. M

    Mkeshaji JF-Expert Member

    Jan 18, 2011
    Joined: Jan 7, 2011
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    Ok, Sorry for reproduction. I didnt know this was posted here before.
    inconviniences regretted.