Uk to support palestine bid for un status, says foreign secretary william hague


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May 10, 2012


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William Hague is looking for President Abbas to negotiate a lasting two-state deal with Israel

For us to support a resolution at the UN, it is important that the risks to the peace process are addressed so that the chance of negotiations beginning after it (a resolution) are enhanced rather than diminished

President Abbas will ask the UN to grant Palestine non-member observer status which the Vatican enjoys.

His plea is likely to succeed as most countries represented at the New York General Assembly already recognise Palestine as a state.

However, the United States and Israel oppose the plan which poses a dilemma for the British Government.

The Tory MP outlined conditions for the UK's support, including Palestine not applying to join the International Criminal Court.

He said: "Up until the time of the vote itself, we will remain open to voting in favour of the resolution, if we see public assurances by the Palestinians on these points.

"However, in the absence of these assurances, the UK would abstain on the vote.

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