Tips on how to prevent mobile phone tracking


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Aug 30, 2011
1. Choose "E911" in the "location" menu on your phone. On some phones you may need to enable privacy mode instead. These settings will allow GPS tracking only in response to a 911 call, which is required by law. Menus are different on all phones so you may need to consult the owner's manual if you cannot find location settings.

2. Check for physical GPS tracking devices that may be attached to your phone. Look under the battery, in the battery compartment, and on the outside of the phone. Remove anything that did not come in the original sealed box or that you did not attach yourself.

3. Remove any tracking software that is installed on your handset. If anyone has ever had your phone for even a few minutes, he may have installed a third-party application that allows your phone to be tracked. Research any programs that you cannot identify.

4 .Contact your cellular phone company and inquire about any tracking or monitoring features that have been enabled on your account. Remove those features if there are any and set a new password to prevent unauthorized access.

5. Remove the battery from your phone. This is the only way to guarantee the phone is untraceable. Cell phone towers can still triangulate your position to some degree when the phone is on, and "roving bug" software can make your phone a surveillance device even when the power is off.

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