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Times A Changing!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by MwanaFalsafa1, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. MwanaFalsafa1

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    Mar 17, 2011
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    Times a changing. It is now inevitable and unavoidable. Change is coming to Tanzania be it for better or for worse. And all of us alive and old enough today will be judged by history to what part we took in those changes.

    The truth is change is not going to come to Tanzania through a historic revolution that will be mentioned in the history books along side the French Revolution nor the revolutions that took part in northern Africa. No, we are not those kind of people.

    We should not forget that Tanzanians don't have a history of revolting. Unlike most African countries we really didn't shed blood to gain independence. We gained independence through negotiating and through a charismatic leader like Nyerere.

    So I believe there will one day come a leader whose charisma will be so powerful that even irregularities on the ballots won't stop him from attaining power. The force of every Tanzanian will be behind this man that nothing will stop him from attaining power. Now whether that man and the people around him lead us to better or worse is yet to be seen.

    Let me just say that I don't think that man is Slaa. I think Slaa is the "prophet" before the "Messiah". The person who paves the way for what is yet to come. Now I am not trying to be a Sheikh Yahya or anything like that. It is just that to my understanding and history will back me up, that huge changes are usually thrust on shoulders of much younger people. Nyerere for example was 39 years old when he first became prime minister of independent Tanganyika.

    So change is coming. It is still the initial stage of this people's revolution so it is hard to predict the who, what, when and where just yet. But it is my believe that the wave of young leaders who are going to pop up in Tanzania in this coming decade will shoulder great responsibility for the ending of this story.

    Change is inevitable and it is coming to Tanzania.