Things Women Do Better Than Men


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Jan 24, 2012


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1. Women live with greater vitality: "Girls just want to have fun" right? Women do enjoy life better than men and in general are healthier due in large part to the fact that women have a stronger immune system than men

2. Women are better at building relationships. They respond and connect with people better than men. They talk more about the inner life than do men.

3. Women perceive character in other people better than men. This is a compliment to #2 and it seems to make sense. A woman builds relationships and connects emotionally to people and therefore should be able to recognize the true nature of people better than man.

4. In line with #2 & #3 , women are better encouragers than men. Unlike men, women aren't as concerned with "one-upping" the other person. They can more sincerely applaud accomplishments of other people.

5. Because of strengths such as listed above a woman is better than a man at nurturing her family. A woman was for nine months physically and emotionally connected to her child in the womb. That kind of connection creates an almost unbreakable bond between mother and child.

6. A woman has better intimate longevity than a man. A woman may take longer to get excited during love making but once she is, she can go better and longer than a man.

7. A woman withstands higher temperatures better than does a man. Remember that a man is better at withstanding colder temperatures. A woman is at the other end of the thermometer- she is better at withstanding hotter temperatures.

8. Women maintain a better balance in life. A woman's body contains a higher level of serotonin than does a man's. Serotonin soothes emotions and slows thought processes thereby allowing for clearer thought processes.

9. Women are better drivers than men. By better I mean they are safer drivers. It's probably due in part to their poorer spatial perception- they tend to stay at safer distances from other cars. It's also likely due to their clearer thinking- they aren't in as much hurry or as aggressive as men.

10. Women are better managers than men. Many of the strengths listed above give a woman an advantage over men in managing people. Men may be better leaders but women are generally better managers.

Remember, social factors can create exceptions in individuals of both genders and, when circumstances require it (a single mom) either gender can exhibit strengths of the other. The above list is based on known science but the differences between men and women will likely never be understood fully. I certainly don't.

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