The Foundation to Fearlessness


Oct 11, 2016

When God calls you to be free from fear as you do evangelism, as you take a test, as you face a job interview, as you take a stand against an unjust business practice, as you confront someone with sin in their life, when you leave a secure position and take a risk in a new venture, when you face an operation or a treatment, when you lose a spouse or a friend — when God calls you to be free from fear (to overcome this natural emotion and have peace), he does not leave the command hanging in the air. He puts pillars under it. Five of them in Isaiah 41:10. That's the nature of all biblical commands. They come with divine support.

Fear not . . . God is with you.Fear not . . . God is your GodFear not . . . God will strengthen you.Fear not . . . God will help you.Fear not . . . God will uphold you.

And these five pillars of fearlessness in Isaiah 41:10 are intensified by the vision of God in chapter 41 — that the God who judges all the earth and calls the coastlands to give account (Isaiah 41:1), the God who rules the rulers of history (Isaiah 41:2–3), the God who calls the nations of earth into being because he is first and last (Isaiah 41:4), and the God who calls his own people and makes himself their God freely and graciously (Isaiah 41:8–9). This is the God who is your God — the God with you, by your side, strengthening you, helping you, upholding you. God is over you, by you, inside you, around you, underneath you. Therefore, do not fear.

I call you today to stop defining and limiting your future in terms of your past and start defining it in terms of your God.

I call you to recognize that God is greater than your personality. God is greater than your past experiences of timidity. God is greater than your "family of origin." And God calls you to joyful fearlessness.

The Monk

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Oct 12, 2012
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