The Chinese Super Bus that the World is talking about (See photos )

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Oct 22, 2016
The Chinese Superbus also known as Transit Elevated Bus or TEB-1 is the solution to the traffic problems in our cities. In fact, it is the future of city transit. As population growth explodes in our cities, there's a need for governments to look into the future and start acquiring this traffic solution or else movement would be almost impossible in none distant time.

This is what China has done when they designed this technology and launched it. Apart from its features of lifting over 400 passengers in one single trip, it is designed to move on its own track. With this, we don't have to worry about traffic conflict on the road.

Chinese superbus is also built to allow other vehicles to pass underneath. It is designed to either allow faster cars to pass or when it is parked. It, however, will not allow the passage of trucks and tall buses. In order to solve that problem, the tracks will be allowed on roads where cars are allowed. The TEB-1 has a tunnel-like underneath with lights to make movement easy.
The bus is measured 75 feet long and 30 feet wide. The TEB-1 is about 18 feet high. With these features in place, it has enough space inside that it can even host a party.

The Chinese superbus also has an elevated platform where passengers occupy during transit. And they would climb to the platform using a metal ladder-like step that drops down from the door.

With the test-running of the TEB-1 successfully carried out already, it had been reported that governments have started making orders for the product. Countries like France, Singapore, Italy, Canada, Australia, Chile Mexico and Indonesia are already showing interest to acquire the bus.
See photos

This is the interior of the TEB-1

The windshield

The cabins

This is actually awesome. Little wonder the whole world is talking about it. Imagine a single bus that solves many city problems at once. Unfortunately, Africa is not talking about it like other continents.

What do think about this technological innovation? Should it be introduced in Africa? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below. Also, hit the like button and share to all your contacts. Let the discussion continue until it gets to our leaders. I know you will like easy and fast transport solution like this.


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Jun 24, 2009
China iko mbali Sana after 20 years sijui itakuwa wapi.

Yakianza kuuzwa kwa wingi Duniani utasikia Taifa fulani likisema kitengo chake cha ujasusi kumebaini kwamba yamekewa vifaa vya kudukuwa siri za watu hasa wanao fanya kazi Serikalini na vitengo nyeti.

Mataifa yatashauriwa yasinunue mabasi hayo kutoka Uchina, yaliyo kwisha nunuliwa yarudishwe Uchina haraka sana kwa usalama wa Mataifa yao.


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Feb 4, 2009
China hawako dunia hii, they are living in Venus.
Tukutane kwa mama Li Hu muuza supu ya popo


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Aug 9, 2015
yakiwa mengi kama hayo msongamano utakuwapo vile vile wa yenyewe kwa yenyewe

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