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Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Andrew Nyerere, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Andrew Nyerere

    Andrew Nyerere Verified User

    Feb 8, 2009
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    . I have lived four hundred years and more already
    of this life, and I am the one, the only one in the whole
    of Tibet, who understands all the workings of these
    things. That was one of my tasks. And my other task,”
    he looked at me whimsically, “was training you, giving
    you my knowledge so that when I pass on in the near
    future with a dagger through my back you will be able
    to remember this place, remember how to get in, how
    to use all the appliances, and live again the events of
    the past. You will be able to see where the world has
    gone wrong, and I think it is going to be too late in this
    particular cycle's life to do much about it. But never
    mind, people are learning the hard way because they
    reject the easy way. There is no need for all this suf-
    fering, you know, Lobsang. There is no need for all this
    fighting among the Afridi and the British Indian Army,
    they are always fighting and they seem to think that
    to fight is the only way to do things. The best way to
    do a thing is persuasion, not this killing, this raping
    and murdering and torturing. It hurts the victim, but
    it hurts the perpetrator more because all this goes back
    to the Overself. You and I Lobsang, have got a fairly
    clean record. Our Overself is quite pleased with us.”

    ”You said ‘Overself’, Master. Does that mean that you and I have the same Overself?” "Yes indeed it does, young sage, that's just what it
    does mean. It means that you and I will come together
    life after life, not merely on this world, not merely in
    this Universe, but everywhere, anywhere, at any time.
    You, my poor friend, are going to have a very hard life
    this time. You are going to be the victim of calumny,
    there is going to be all manner of lying attacks on you.
    And yet if people would listen to you Tibet could be
    saved. Instead of that, in years to come Tibet will be
    taken over by the Chinese and ruined.” He turned away
    quickly, but not before I saw the tears in his eyes. So
    I moved away into the kitchen and got a drink of water.
    “Master,” I said, “I wish you would explain to me
    how these things do not go bad.”
    “Well, look at the water you are drinking now. How
    old is the water? It may be as old as the world itself.
    It doesn't go bad, does it? Things only go bad when they
    are treated incorrectly. For instance, supposing you cut
    a finger and it starts to heal, and you cut it again and
    it starts to heal, and you cut it again and once more
    it starts to heal, but not necessarily in the same pattern
    as it was before you cut it. The cells of regeneration
    have been confused, they started to grow according to
    their inbuilt pattern, and then they got cut again. They
    started once more to grow according to their inbuilt
    pattern, and so on and so on. And eventually the cells
    forgot the pattern they should form and instead they
    grew out in a great lump, and that's what cancer is.
    Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells where they
    should not be, and if one was taught properly and one
    had full control of the body there wouldn't be any can-
    cer. If one saw that the cells were what I will call mis-
    growing then the body could stop it in time. We have
    preached about this, and preached about it in different
    countries, and people have absolutely hooted with
    laughter at these natives daring to come from some
    unknown country, ‘gooks’ they call us, gooks, the most


    worthless things in existence. But, you know, we may
    be gooks, but in time it will be a word of honour, of
    respect. If people would listen to us we could cure can-
    cer, we could cure T.B. You had T.B., Lobsang, remem-
    ber that, and I cured you with your cooperation, and
    if I hadn't had your cooperation I could not have cured
    We fell silent in a state of spiritual communion with
    each other. Ours was a purely spiritual association, without any carnal connotation at all. Of course there
    were some lamas who used their chelas for wrong pur-
    poses, lamas who should not have been lamas but who
    should have been—well, laborers, anything, because
    they needed women. We did not need women, nor did
    we need any homosexual association. Ours, as I said,
    was purely spiritual like the mingling of two souls who
    mingle to embrace in the spirit and then withdraw
    from the spirit of the other feeling refreshed and in
    possession of fresh knowledge.
    There is such a feeling in the world today that sex
    is the only thing that matters, selfish sex, not for the
    continuation of the race but just because it gives pleas-
    ant sensations. The real sex is that which we have
    when we leave this world, the communion of two souls,
    and when we return back to the Overself we shall ex-
    perience the greatest thrill, the greatest exhilaration
    of all. And then we shall realize that the hardships we
    endured on this beastly Earth were merely to drive out
    impurities from us, to drive out wrong thoughts from
    us, and in my opinion, the world is too hard. It is so
    hard, and humans have degenerated so much that they
    cannot take the hardship, they cannot profit by the
    hardship, but instead they become worse and worse,
    and more and more evil, venting their spite on little
    animals. That is a great pity because cats, for example,
    are known as the eyes of the Gods. Cats can go any-
    where, nobody takes any notice when a cat is sitting
    there, forelegs folded and tail curled neatly around the
    body, and eyes half shut—people think the cat is rest-
    ing. But no, the cat is working, the cat is transmitting
    all that is happening. Your brain cannot see anything without your eyes. Your brain cannot make a sound
    without your voice, and cats are another extension of
    the senses which let the Gardeners of the Earth know
    what is going on. In time we shall welcome this, in
    time we shall realize that cats have saved us from many
    a fatal mistake. It is a pity we don't treat them more
    kindly, isn't it?
  2. Andrew Nyerere

    Andrew Nyerere Verified User

    Feb 10, 2009
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    . People in those days
    lived for hundred of years because their ‘memory cells'
    were able to reproduce dying cells with exactitude. It
    is only since the cells lost their ability to reproduce
    accurately that we have such short lives. But in one
    of the wars there were tremendous explosions, and
    most of the cloud cover of the Earth was blown away,
    blown away into space, and the sunlight came pouring

    in with all the lethal rays. And instead of people living
    seven or eight hundred years their lifespan was just
    about seventy years.
    "The sun isn't the kind, benevolent provider of sun-
    light, etc., etc. It sends out rays which cause harm to
    people. You can see for yourself that people exposed to
    the sunlight too much have their skin turn dark. Now
    if it was good to have sunlight then Nature would not
    need to make a shield against the light. But the rays,
    ultra-violet, and others, affected the humans and made
    them worse, and the two sets of Gardeners of the Earth
    became even fiercer. One side was good and wanted to
    see the human race grow fruitful and do much good;
    instead of that, people exposed to too much sunlight
    used to get T.B. or cancer. All the surfaces of the world,
    or rather, all the surfaces of the people of the world,
    were prone to diseases, skin diseases of various forms,
    and they were tenacious, there was no cure for them.
    After all, these rays could penetrate many feet of stone,
    and it was useless for the inhabitants of the world to
    live in houses because the rays could still reach them.