Sugamamy wa Mombasa wateka wanamziki wa Tanzania.

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Apr 12, 2007
Duh kweli mambo ya Pwani soo. Jamaa wamezama kwa mapenzi ya mashuga mamy. Jisomeeni wenyewe.
Bongo flava gigolos at the coast
Published on January 18, 2008, 12:00 am

The Tanzanian bongo flava stars are finding it hard avoid the lure of rich older women at the Kenyan coast whom they end up serenading putting their music careers in balance, writes Stevens Muendo.

Mara ya mwisho mimi na wewe, Kuonana kipindi kile twasoma, Shule ya msingi ya msingi kigoma, Najua ulinipenda, Ila hukutaka penzi kulilinda, Ungesema mapema, Iliniuma sana

Mm leo niko Dar, Aliniyenipenda nishamuoa

Je wataka kumjua jina?

Aitwa Cinderella…

These are riveting opening lines of Ali Kiba’s club bagger Cinderella, a love ballad which has been ruling the airwaves for the few past months.

And the track’s chorus is even better, more of an ode to a village romance gone sour: …Ulinitesa sana, Sababu nilikupenda wajua, Kijijini kwa bibi Kigoma, Iliniuma sana, Mimi leo niko Dar…

Setting the mood for the rather moving narrative that even kids can now sing along word by word.

Ironically, the musician who composed this great single -- Ali Kiba -- is not in Dar as he sings but has been lately camping in Mombasa in the absence of Cinderella -- exploring, adventuring and dining in the lure of the coastal city filthy rich women.

And he is not alone. Currently, more sensational Bongo flava names are falling into the trap. The cream of bongo flava led by Ali Kiba and Matonya.

Matonya’s infectious ballad Vaileti has been ruling the charts for months just as Ali Kiba’s Cinderella. And as the overwhelming demand for his concert in Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru and other major towns in Kenya soar.

Ali Kiba’s breakthrough brought him face to face with the reality of the lures of Mombasa’s beach life which over the years has seen Bongo artistes ditch their careers as they fall in the traps of romance and sex hungry flashy coastal women.

As a matter of fact, many of these Bongo artistes have made Mombasa their second home and many of them are currently living by the seaside beach residents where they dine with rich older women.

A new trend has emerged. The same women end up being their managers of convenience and eventually turn them into gigolos putting their music careers into death-bed.

This is the fate that has taken leading Bongo star, Shabaan Katwila aka Q-Chillah of the Uhali Gani and Wiper fame.

During one of his concerts held in Mombasa two years ago, the singer met a wealthy businesswoman whom he got romantically involved.

Q-Chillah is currently living under the same roof with the sugar mummy in her Ganjoni residence and is no longer shying away from the public about their affair.

He is romoured to have fallen out with his promoter, Chief Kiumbe over the affair with the same woman.

"The two are always together and Q-Chillah has even gone public saying that will tie the knot soon. The woman is in the transport business and often travels abroad for business transactions. Even when she is away, Q-Chillah is always at home in her bungalow," said our source.

To sugar mummy syndrome has caught up with more Bongo stars who love beach life and cash.

"What do you expect of these artistes who get booked in big hotels for more than ten shows in a month? I mean, the young guy has sexual needs which the old mamas are not only ready to meet but also fund the artiste as well," discloses Sam Odera, a Mombasa-based promoter.

The Bongo artistes are now streaming into the Kenyan Coastal towns in search of concerts, love and sex abandoning their homes.

"At first, we book the artistes in expensive suites. But within no time, all the artiste want is to be paid his accommodation fee saying they have found another place to stay. Before you know it, this mama is driving him, he is living with her, a thing you, as a promoter have no mandate over," adds Sam.

High-riding Matonya has been in Mombasa since November although his shows are few.

The Vaileti singer is rumoured to be having a fling with a coastal woman who lives in Shelly Beach, Likoni area.

But the musician denies any link with such a woman.

"I have been staying with my manager, Chief Kiumbe who has a bungalow in Shelly Beach and not with a woman. When people see me having drinks with my manager in the company of women, it does not mean that I am being kept by a rich woman," Matonya defends himself.

"It is not a crime after all – when women with good cash adore and date you. That is life," he adds admitting that the trend is not unique to Bongo artistes as it happens everywhere in the world.

Ali Kiba’s promoter Mwachudu has taken it upon himself to keep his artiste away from the preying rich Mombasa women, some of whom have sworn to go any length to get him into their romantic world.

Just like Matonya, the singer who rose to fame mid-last year has been spending most of his time in Mombasa.

"Ali Kiba gets gigs here (Mombasa, Malindi, Voi) almost every weekend and that explains why he has camped in Mombasa," argues his manager.

"It is common knowledge that Bongo artistes have been having a windfall at the coast. Sometimes, they get paid up to four times what they would be paid in a concert in Tanzania. The crowds here adore them more as compared to the showbiz lovers in Tanzania and they too love Mombasa as it is a very beautiful city," Mwachudu explains.

Since his first show held at Mamba International around four months ago, Ali Kiba has been criss-crossing the Coastal towns of Mombasa and Malindi and has had little if no time for his Tanzanian fans. He is said to be getting comfortable with the sweet lure that Mombasa is.

"He has been seeing a girl who is in her early twenties. Besides, an old lady married to a White who lives in Mtwapa has vowed to do anything it takes to get him for herself," disclosed a source.

Two years ago, Bwana Misosi who was then riding high with his hit single Nitokee Vipi was the most sought after Bongo artiste in Mombasa, Malindi and Voi. The dancehall musician secretly begun to date a woman who was ten years old than him who ended up playing host to the singer wherever he visited along the coast. Bwana Misosi wine and dined in Ukunda, South Coast with his lover.

The latest casualty in this romance game has been sensational teenage singer Mr Blue. The school drop-out who bounced back to the limelight through his latest collabo with K-Lynn, Mshike Mkono, had been holed in Mombasa since November, last year on what is touted to have been a visit to an elderly woman. Mr Blue is said to have lived with his lover before they fell out and found himself in the cold.

It is said that broke Mr Blue became so desperate, looking for friends to host him as he hustled to look for his fare back to Dar. He could hardly get any one to strike a concert deal with even as performance fee was as low as Sh10, 000 per show.

And luck was not on his side even after the proprietor of Jamboree signed a deal with him, which ended up back fired. Mr Blue was to have a concert at Jamboree Beach Resort on December 29 but was cancelled forcing him to refund the down payment. The cash strapped rapper was left in the mercy of his friends who gave him cash to leave for his country last week.

"Most of the artistes end up squandering all the cash we pay them for the agreed shows here in Mombasa. It’s after they discover that they have gone broke that they start negotiating for more shows," says Mamba disco DJ Mike.

The same sentiments are supported by Mwachadu and Sam Odera.

"Leading Bongo singer are normally paid between Sh10,000 to Sh30,000 for a concert. This is peanuts compared to what a sugar mummy is willing to pay including an air ticket and accommodation expenses for the artistes besides other luxuries. It can be quite a tempting figure," notes Odera.

"Bongo artistes too have their won pleasures. They have shows to perform but they are also usually on high demand from rich women who entice them with big cash and flashy lifestyle," adds DJ Mike.

The biggest irony is that some of the Bongo artistes who end up making a kill in Kenya are never respected as much in Tanzania and are not as idolised.

In average, Matonya, Ali Kiba and the other leading lights normally make good album sells in Tanzania but make more cash in performing in concerts in Nairobi.

"Kenya is the New York of Africa. Every big cat in East Africa wants to come and do a gig in Nairobi, become a big name and move to the rest of the world. Nairobi and Mombasa are like launching zones for these guys and when they find life being good here, they choose to stay on," says George, an East African showbiz promoter adding that Bongo artistes have a very short life span and they make the best out of their limited time. &PHPSESSID=131e10e3a2f737b5d1f79a3786a3b137
MWM hebu nitafutieni kashule ka muziki jamani, na mimi nataka niwe mwanamuziki, boksi za ulaya zitaniua jamani, mgongo wote unawaka moto, si bora na mie nikauze sura huko mombasa? Mhh lakini nsikia pia kuna mimende kibao kwa hiyo kama mwanaume kisura chako nyororo unaweza ukajikita mikononi mwa basha!

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