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Sudan rebels na mauaji ya askari ya JWTZ

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by uchwara, Jul 18, 2013.

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    uchwara JF-Expert Member

    Jul 18, 2013
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    Hapa nchini tunaambiwa na vyombo vya habari kuwa akari wetu waliuawa na waasi wa Sudan!

    Waasi wako weni ni nani hasa mtuhumiwa ?????

    Ukisoma habari nyingi na reputable news wordwide waasi waliouwa askari wetu ni washirika wa dictator wa Sudan

    "Abu Tira background:The troops allegedly involved in the deadly ambush of the Unamid patrol are part of the Central Police Reserve (al Ittihad al Merkazi) also known as Central Reserve Forces, which has the nickname Abu Tira. The name is related to a bird (Tira) that is also a distinctive insignia on their uniforms.
    The Central Police Reserve (CRP) are combat-trained forces, using light and heavy machine guns, RPGs, 82mm mortars and, when they participate in joint combat operations under the tactical control of the Sudanese Army, reportedly also 105mm and 130mm artillery. They drive Land Cruisers mounted with 12.7mm machine guns.
    Victims call them often ‘Janjaweed’. During the attacks in Nyala, July 2013, they joined a fight with the Border Guards targeting national security forces, NGOs, police forces and the Sudan Armed Forces. Formally the infamous Janjaweed were integrated in the border guards. A Central Reserve Police commander Ali Kushayb was seriously wounded last week, most probably by bullets from the Security Forces of the Sudan Army.
    The government mainly used local Arab militias affiliated to the Border Guards and the Central Police Reserve to retake the towns, after which several tens thousands of people fled the cities."

    Tukumbuke huyu dictator wa Sudan,i guess ni friend wa serikali hii,yuko indicted na ICC for war crimes against Darfuri people.Ukitaka udini wa Lipumba ndio uko Sudan,ndio chanzo cha South Sudan kuzaliwa.
    Osama bin Laden ali spend time in Sudan,tukumbuke Dar and Nairobi bombings!!!!