Stop being afraid of what can go wrong, you should start being excited about what can go right

Aug 25, 2022
Attitude is the determinant of variety of things, which are to be fulfilled in our lives. Attitude defines character, conduct and willingness towards approaching different important things such as; plans, solving our problems and other issues.

Thus positive attitude tends to build you with confidence, energy and push towards something you are up to, while negative attitude towards something tends to bring you down, feel low and lack that push towards something.

Research says that, at first there is a little bit kind of fear which enters into, most of people’s hearts before approaching something new, that one is after it.

That’s seems to be normal biologically, but the problem comes when one allows that fear to stay with him or her for a very long time.

Our minds usually think of the negative side of the most great things or plans we want to do. This allows fear to take a large part inside you, and it can keep staying in our minds day to day, months to months and even years to years; to the extent we are no longer capable to fulfill what we have always been planning to do, during that time.

We need to train ourselves to think of the positive sides, of the plans we make and things we want to do in our lives. We should also try to imagine about, how good things would be when we do something useful.

The eyes which tries to see the goodness in most of the things which comes across, tends to fulfill the most which are to be done. We should start being excited about how things would be good before we do them.

This will eliminate the initial fear which comes across our minds when feeling to do something new. This will also give us more push and energy to accomplish our plans and other activities which were not yet put into action.

Always be ready to do attempts in your plans, if you keep being afraid that things will go wrong when you try to do, it may reach a time you will no longer be able to do that thing.
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