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Station Manager na Technician jobs

Discussion in 'Nafasi za Kazi na Tenda' started by snochet, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. snochet

    snochet JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2012
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    Interdisciplinary environmental research in Africa

    Position station manager
    Position technician

    In the framework of the research unit �Kilimanjaro ecosystems under global
    change: Linking biodiversity, biotic interactions and biogeochemical
    ecosystem processes� (funded by the German Research Foundation � DFG)we
    are seeking (a) a station manager for supervising the scientific station
    in Nkweseko, Machame area, Kilimanjaro and (b) a technician for
    maintenance and repair of technical equipment.

    (a) Station manager
    - Qualifications in staff management
    - fluent in English and Kiswahili
    - preferably over 30 years of age

    We expect that the station manager
    - to manage the staff of the scientific station (4 drivers, 2 housemaids,
    2 watchmen, 1 technician, various field assistants)
    - to care for weekly driving plans of the vehicles for the research team
    -to supervise the maintenance and organize repairs for our vehicles and
    the extension of licences and insurances
    - to supervise the regular maintenance of technical equipment (generator,
    solar system etc), the camping equipment, beddings and other property of
    the station
    - acquaints himself with the 60 research plots of the KiLi project,
    inquiring about conditions and problems that may arise. He seeks contact
    to the landowners of plots outside the national park and negotiates
    contracts (paying yearly plot rent) and cares for safety of installed
    equipment together with landowners.
    - - to stay at the scientific station Nkweseko during the week,
    Monday-Friday (furnished 3 rooms flat available, shared kitchen and

    (b) Technician

    - qualification as electrician
    - working experience of at least 3 years
    - physical fitness

    - to maintain and repair the technical equipment and the electrical system
    on the scientific stations Nkweseko and Kidia, Kilimanjaro
    - to maintaine and repair the technical equipment on the 60 research
    plots. Therefore the technician has to visit the plots from the savanna to
    the alpine zone. This requires physical fitness climbing the mountain and
    staying overnight camping.

    After a trial period of two months employment will be for three years from
    April 2013 onwards. More information including salary conditions will be
    given during the job interview.

    Job application to Dr. C. Hemp,

    Further information about the project can be found at

    Deadlines for applicants: 31 March 2013
  2. BIF

    BIF Member

    Oct 25, 2012
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    Wana JF naomba mnipe dondoo zozote kuhusu hii tume ya ajira,Nimeitwa kwenye usaili utakao fanyika tarehe 30 mwezi huu kwa nafasi ya Computer Operator naomba mawazo yenu kama natakiwa kuwaje siku iyo ni maswali gani nayoweza ulizwa kwa hii nafasi na vitu vingine kama ivyo.

  3. ndetichia

    ndetichia JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2012
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    wao wako bize na kitu ulichosomea na sio maswali mengine..