Simulizi kutoka Libya: Escape From Drowning

Aug 4, 2017

Chapter One:

Chwichwichwi!!!!!!! Chwichwi!!! It is a natural bird sound, singing and praising the Almighty during a very early morning nearer the baobab forest where rare animals and birds live, though those birds were singing to praise the Almighty but they were enough comfort to Ikemefuna, the country boy who lives alongside the baobab forest with his only mother who was older than old.

Ikemefuna’s mother was the West African woman who taught eagerly, his son that if he wanted to succeed in life he should study hard and succeed to the university level. Her repeating and insisting character drove Ikemefuna’s mind into the world of schooling hard so as to succeed in the area of education. Ikemefuna was a boy with eagerness spirit and optimistic who wanted to learn many things in a positive way, things which could help him a little or more in his life.

Ikemefuna has asked himself many questions about why his late father forbids anybody of his clan to take a swim in any kind of water body, while thinking about that taboo from his dead father Ikemefuna’s mother was waiting Ikemefuna to attain the age of six years so as to tell him why his late father said so.

One early morning, the clan leader summoned all children within the clan to attend the secret meeting that was aimed at narrating the taboo to the clan children for the sake of living with those principles during their life time. Ikemefuna’s mother was among the clan leader who gave a speech to the children and disclosed to them the secretive power of goddess of their clan, she said while insisting that their goddess forbid anybody of them to take a swim in any kind of water body because Swimming is the royal game done by the goddess only and not anybody of them.

Therefore, they decided to live by respecting goddess for their well being and the next generation. Ikemefuna’s mother holds on a speech with a very strong voice that sometimes terrified the children who were in the meeting especially when they thought and feel like the ground was shaking and moving forward.

All children wake up and bowed down gently while singing and praising the goddess.

While the meeting proceeded on, Ikemefuna was not happy at all because he was thinking about the taboo which himself called it ‘a burden and meaningless’. While Ikemefuna doing that undercover, the senior elder has closed the meeting while insisting to alienate any child who will take a swim in any water body. Then after all children and other clan members dispersed to do other daily jobs, Ikemefuna and his old mother went on to cut trees with a blunt bush knife, they collected trees and sell them to the communities so as to get few money for their living. Due to that activity, Ikemefuna and his mother became very famous in the village especially for their good customer care and fast delivery while executing their orders on time.

Ikemefuna’s mother was rich of care and love to her begotten son, she cooked for him, she danced and plays with him, she told stories to him and sometimes even jokes each other, like mother like son. Many days have gone and the boy, Ikemefuna reached the age to start early education in a local primary school.

Early schooling by Ikemefuna.

A living earned from selling charcoal has enabled Ikemefuna’s mother to pay for humble school fees when Ikemefuna attained the age to start early schooling, while wearing his dirty perfumed clothes (a perfume made by pure baobab leaves) Ikemefuna was walking through the peaceful forest and escorted by his lovely mother to attend Keme primary school for registration.

Keme primary school was the only early school found in the village, while flooded with five hundred pupils it was under the care of two male teachers and one matron, due to heavy and daily work routine, these teachers were tied enough but they could not even escape or leave the job for another good job because unemployment problem was rampant in the country but they learnt to endure the difficult job by saying that Patience is virtue. Ikemefuna’s life at school was too fun and amazing due to his friendly nature and …..

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