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Robbery without violence

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Adili, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Adili JF-Expert Member

    Apr 24, 2012
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    I happened to pass here.. Tanzania: Tanesco to Spend 10 Billion - to Electrify Bukoba Rural

    and it says

    "Bukoba — THE Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco), has earmarked to spend a total of 10bn/-, under the Rural Electrification Project in Bukoba Rural district.

    The Acting Regional Tanesco Manager, Andrew Ajama, said the project would cover several villages including Kanazi, Ibwera, Katoro, Kasharu, Rubale and Izimbya.He said the project was expected to be completed by end of August, this year and urged people to utilize the opportunity by installing electricity in their homes to speed up development.
    He said people living within 30- metre distance would be required to contribute a total of 450,000/- being installation charges, while those within 50 metres would be required to contribute 1.5m/-.Meanwhile, residents of Kitobo Ward, in Kiziba Division, in Misenyi district have raised concern about loose electricity wires, which posed a security risk to people and their livestock.

    The Ward Councillor for Kitobo, Samson Ishengoma, told the 'Sunday News', that the electricity wires were hazardly hanging over roof tops and banana plantations.He said the matter had already been reported to Tanesco officials and appealed for urgent intervention.

    Mr Ajama, confirmed to have received the report adding that experts were dealing with the problem.He appealed to people to report immediately when such problems occur and should avoid touching live wires."

    Tanesco owns the poles and lines up to the meter/LUKU box. The 450k or 1.5k upfront should never be regarded as contribution. In truth this is an advance to Tanesco - which should be returned via monthly bills we pay.

    Would be glad to hear your views.
  2. O

    OMEGA JF-Expert Member

    Apr 24, 2012
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    I paid sinceOctober 2010,no sign of electricity todate ,I dont when this electrification is going to start.I hope this is not the effort of our beloved MP who is good for nothing,I have never heard him speaking anything on behalf of Bukoba rural villagers,his constituency is at it worst,the poorest among all Kagera constituency,badly hit by banana woven,no food at all ,people are starving to death,no sufficient school,the poverty level is unimaginable,people can not even send their children to secondary school due to lack of 20,000 school fees and money to buy uniforms,jobless and uneployment is so high,youth have nothing substantial to do,they have lost hopes and many are drunkard with suicidal tendencies,yet we have a dumb MP who does not see all this,no water well in the whole district and most of the old rivers dried,the whole district needs water well because in some places people tarvel up to 10 Kms in search of water.WATCH OUT 2015 is around he corner and beleive me you will not get sufficient votes
  3. MWEEN

    MWEEN JF-Expert Member

    Apr 24, 2012
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    My dear Adili, this is a country that time forgot it ever existed! There are soooooo many "madudu" in our country that one wonders how one survives without complaining. Apart from that cash being solicited from a person who supposedly earns TShs 150,000 per month, he/she also has to contribute to health, education and "when the DC visits their villages".

    In urban areas, we pay for property tax (God knows the valuation process and what it does), land rent with service charges (where there is no pipelines, roads or streets). You should not be surprised when you pay your dues and receive a government receipts and three to four years later someone says you have not paid (apparently the payment documents would have been declared fake!). And soooo many other rots. We'll find a cure in the near future. Stay tuned and join the bandwagon of freedom fighters to liberate this country. Start by joining the reform Party - CDM