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Registrations for jan/feb 2010 examinations-out

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Elimu (Education Forum)' started by Pdidy, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Pdidy

    Pdidy JF-Expert Member

    Nov 14, 2009
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    DATE: 10th November 2009
    Main Tests, Special Tests, Special Annual Examinations, and Supplementary Examinations are
    expected to be conducted from 18th January 2010 to 12th February 2010 as indicated in the
    respective TT/Exam Time Tables. Therefore, students are hereby informed that examination
    registrations for Jan./Feb. 2010 Sessions shall commence on 15th November 2009 and end on 20th
    December 2009. Along with the conditions and regulations stipulated in the University Prospectus
    of 2009/10, students should meet the following conditions for their registrations to be complete:
    1. A student applying for a Main Test of a given course unit should have:
    a) Registered for the course for this academic year.
    b) Paid full fees or the prescribed portion of it including normal annual examination fee which
    entitles a student for Timed Tests and Annual Exams for the courses registered at the
    beginning of the academic year.
    c) Paid normal annual examination fee amounting to T.Shs. 20,000.
    2. The following should be noted for students applying for Special Timed Test or Annual Exam
    a) Please note that continuing students are allowed to sit for special TT2 or Main TT
    (equivalent to old TT1) as well as Supps and Special AEs to fill gaps in courses with
    incompletes for the same. However due to these specials being extra cost to the university
    students must pay extra exam fee of T.Shs. 20,000 irrespective of the number of
    tests/exams to be attempted. Note that this is different from the normal annual
    examinations fee paid during registration for new academic year as in 1(c) above, as such
    the receipt must be indicate that it is extra exam fee.
    b) For a student to be exempted from paying the extra exam fee should have an evidence of a
    letter from DVC ACAD approving/accepting the student’s written request for postponement
    of the given test or exam done in previous sessions.
    c) For students doing both special tests and/or special exams/supps as well as Main TT for
    new courses must pay both exam fees i.e. T.Sh. 20,000 for normal exams fee and T.Shs.
    20,000 for extra exam fee.
    3. A successful applicant will be provided with Examination Hall Ticket (EHT) bearing student’s
    basic personal information, examination centre, and a list of approved tests and exams.
    4. Applicants are advised to apply for courses that do not clash in the time tables as no
    student will be allowed to sit for more than one test/exam during the time meant for one
    test/exam only or even during tea/lunch breaks.
    5. Copies of evidence of fees payment (Section 1(b) and 2(b)) and other required evidence
    must be attached with the Examination Hall Ticket to be submitted by the student to the
    Director of the respective Regional Centre for the DRC’s endorsement.
    6. The Registration Mode: Unlike the previous examination registration mode whereby
    students had to fill Registration Forms and submit them to DRCs for further processing, the
    University has designed an online system to replace the manual mode as follows:
    6.1. A student needs to visit ANY nearest Regional Centre for authentication and
    verification for eligibility to sit for the examination as elaborated previously
    including presentation of evidence for fees payment.
    6.2. Upon verification (6.1. above), the DRC will issue the student with a "permission
    code" which will be used to access the system for self registration. This is expected
    to reduce a number of problems including misplacement of documents, claims for
    incorrect registration data, time limits, etc.
    6.3. The availability of EHT is instant upon completion of registration and confirmation by
    the respective student. However, students are advised to carefully follow the
    online/inbuilt instructions available in the system to avoid unanticipated results on
    the EHT as no excuse will be accepted for failure to follow the instructions which are
    user-friendly and straightforward.
    6.4. The system will be available at (or from
    Sunday, 15th November 2009 to Sunday, 20th December 2009.
    7. EHTs APPROVAL: An EHT will only be recognized officially only if it is approved by the
    respective DRC. Therefore, students are required to consult the DRC for the approval before
    the Examinations/TTs start.
    (i) For the first time, the system was used during the Oct. 2009 Examination Sessions for
    ICE students and was highly successful.
    (ii) Candidates will only be allowed to attend the approved tests/exams at examination
    centre(s) indicated on their EHTs.
    Please, observe the deadline to avoid last minute rush.
    for Prof. E. T. K. Bisanda
    DVC (Academic)
  2. Pdidy

    Pdidy JF-Expert Member

    Nov 14, 2009
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    The Open University of Tanzania
    Getting SARIS and Email Accounts
    Dear Students,
    Kindly, be informed that a few changes have been made on how
    students can get SARIS Accounts whereby from now onwards, there
    shall be no self-registration as was used to be in the past. Therefore,
    all students are hereby informed to consult Directors of their
    respective Regional Centres for instructions on how to get their
    For those who already have accounts, they should as well visit their
    DRCs for more instructions on how to get their accounts unblocked.
    Upon completion of this exercise, all students who will respond,
    apart from SARIS accounts, will also get official OUT Email Accounts.
    The Open University of Tanzania
    Dr. J. K. Bakari
    Director, IET
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    Feb 16, 2011
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    del wrong message!