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Rais anaendeleza kile nilichomuonya Kuhusu uhusiano wetu na Kenya,ni hatari sana.Hebu Soma hapa!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Ben Saanane, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Ben Saanane

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    Jun 26, 2011
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    [TD="class: contentheading"]Concern raised as JK plays hosts Kenya ICC suspect
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    [TD="class: createdate"]Sunday, 26 June 2011 12:43
    Kenya's suspended Higher Education minister and International Criminal Court (ICC)'s suspect William Ruto's secret arrival and meeting with President Jakaya Kikwete in Dar es Salaam last week has raised eyebrows and drawn mixed reactions from a section of country's political pundits.According to one of Kenya's newspapers, the Eldoret North MP who was accompanied by ministers Chirau Ali Mwakwere (Trade), Samuel Poghisio (Information) and other officials in his trip met President Kikwete shortly before he left for his recent tour of Seychelles ad Malaysia.

    The embattled politician had a day earlier met with Ugandan leader Yoweri Museveni at his Rwakitura Farm in Mbarara. It was reported that Museveni arranged for Mr Ruto to see Mr Kikwete. Mr Museveni has been accused in the past as openly taking sides in Kenyan politics.

    An MP who travelled with the team said that apart from attempting to portray himself as versed in regional politics, Ruto used the trip to try and convince the two presidents that he was a serious presidential contender with broad political support for Kenya's general elections next year.

    Mr Ruto who has fallen out with Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) is however facing a legal hurdle at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague that hangs over his presidential plans.
    Together with five others, including Kenya's Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta, he is accused of serious crimes against humanity rising from the 2007 election violence. A hearing to determine whether or not to confirm the charges is due on September 1.
    According to a source, Mr Kikwete and Mr Ruto had a two-hour closed-door meeting at state house.
    The deputy press secretary with the Directorate of Presidential Communications, Ms Premi Kibanga, confirmed to The Citizen on Sunday that indeed there was a meeting between Mr Kikwete and the Kenyan politician.
    "Yes he (Ruto) held talks with the President, but I'm not in a position to tell you whether the visit was official or personal," said Ms Kibanga.
    But sources from Mr Ruto's entourage said the duo delved into ties between the two neighboring countries.
    "Mr Kikwete said Tanzania had a stake in what happens in Kenya because of the interests of the people of both countries," one of the MPs in the delegation was quoted as saying.
    Reacting to the emerging reports, the chairman of the Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD), Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, said it was wrong for Mr Kikwete to delve into another country's politics, especially with a person who no longer had a ministerial post.
    "It would have been okay if Kikwete was not the President; but mind you he is a sitting president meeting someone with a criminal case at The Hague," he noted.
    Prof Lipumba, who is also the Civic United Front party's chairman, said such a move could water down the cordial political relationship between the two countries, as Mr Kikwete would be thought to be on Ruto's side by other presidential aspirants in Kenya.
    "This is not proper at all… The likes of Raila (Odinga) won't be happy about this… It should not be happening now…It might infuriate other aspirants," said the politician.
    Prof Lipumba also referred to Senegal's President Abdoulaye Wade who supported Alassane Ouattara during his standoff with former president Laurent Gbagbo which angered the latter's supporters.
    However, for his part, Dr Sengondo Mvungi, a politician affiliated with NCCR-Mageuzi asserted that it would not be easy for Mr Ruto to achieve his goals, even through seeking Kikwete's support.
    Dr Mvungi also came hard on President Kikwete for hosting Mr Ruto who is facing charges at the ICC.

    "We are entering regional politics and such a move is not healthy for the EAC bloc… Our president should not side with any group in the neighboring country as they near their General Election," he said, warning that Kenya was more of a tribal country and that it was not wise to delve into its politics.

    Another political analyst, Mr Bashiru Ally, dared State House to tell Tanzanians the real reasons behind Mr Ruto's visit and why it was not reported to the media as would be the case.
    The lecturer said he saw no point in President Kikwete offering ‘political consultancy' to Mr Ruto.
    "Our neighbours are at a defining moment in their country's history… They have a new constitution…We ought to just emulate only the good that they have done," he said.

    Like the rest of the commentators, Mr Ally is opposed to Mr Kikwete's meeting with the former Higher Education minister on grounds that he was not a holder of any public post, and had a case to answer at the ICC.
    Dr Azaveli Lwaitama, also from the University of Dar es Salaam, opined that Ruto came to seek President Kikwete's support to have his charges dropped at The Hague court.
    Dr Lwaitama ruled out the possibility of Ruto's coming to seek backing as he braces for his first try on the race for the presidency in his country.

    "He (Ruto) wants his name expunged from Ocampo's list… after all, of what importance would he be to Museveni and Kikwete?" he queried.
    The vocal analyst also faulted Mr Kikwete's decision to host the Kenyan politician at State House.
    "It is very wrong for him to do that, especially considering that he is a sitting president… It could have an effect on our relationship with Kenyans," he noted.
    But the Research and Education for Democracy in Tanzania (Redet) co-chairman, Dr Benson Bana, saw nothing wrong with President Kikwete's date with Mr Ruto.

    He was of the opinion that Mr Ruto was a public figure back in his country with the freedom of meeting whoever he wanted.
    "Let him explore such opportunities… since our president is good at giving advice, he was just offering political consultancy to Ruto," he said.
    According to Dr Bana, some EAC regulations would not allow a sitting president to venture into another country's politics. However, he noted that it was okay for the Head of State to host people in their "individual capacities."

    President Kikwete was part of the mediating team that brought President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to the negotiating table in 2008, after the post-election violence that rocked the country. The mediation led to the establishment of the coalition government whose term ends with next year's elections.

    The Citizen,sunday 26 june,20011

    My Take: Bado naendelea kusizitiza Mhe.Bernard membe waziri wa mambo ya Nje,na mhe.Samuel Sitta waziri wetu wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki wanastahili kuwatendea watanzania haki,tuna haki ya kupata maelezo ya kutosha kuhusu hili.Hatuwezi kuingia kwenye mgogoro wa kidiplomasia in future kwa sababu ya uzembe au utashi binafsi wa viongozi wachache.Tunahitaji maelezo ya kutosha kuhusu hili.Soma hapa chini nilichoonya kipindi kile
  2. lifeofmshaba

    lifeofmshaba JF-Expert Member

    Jun 26, 2011
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    kichokonoa majirani sio mchezo mzuri kabisa
  3. Ben Saanane

    Ben Saanane Verified User

    Jun 26, 2011
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    Nilipokuwa Natangaza Azma yangu kugombea Uenyekiti wa Baraza la Vijana Chadema(BAVICHA),Kwenye mkutano na waandishi wa habari pale Travetine Hotel Tarehe 28 April,2011 nilitoa Rai yangu kwa Taifa,nilihoji,nilionya na nikashauri kama inavyoonekana kwenye rai yangu hapa chini,na bado naendelea kusizitiza


    "Natoa onyo kuwa serikali isipochukua hatua ya kutazama mwenenndo wa misimamo katika siasa za kimataifa, basi upo uwezekano mkubwa wa heshima ya Rais na hadhi ya nchi kuchafuka katika medani za kimataifa".

    Nitatoa mfano.

    Serikali ya Kenya kupitia Rais wake Mwai Kibaki imekataa kupeleka kesi za watuhumiwa wa vurugu za baada ya uchaguzi mkuu wa nchi hiyo (post election violence) katika mahakama ya kimataifa ya wahalifu wa kivita (International Criminal Court –ICC).

    Na izingatiwe kuwa katika jitihada za kutafuta kuungwa mkono, serikali ya Kibaki ilimtuma makamu wake wa Rais, Kalonzo Musyoka kufanya ushawishi wa kidiplomasia ili nchi za kiafrika ikiwemo Tanzania iwaunge mkono (Shuttle diplomacy).

    Umoja wa nchi za Afrika (AU) umeunga mkono msimamo huo wa serikali ya Kenya wa kukataa watuhumiwa hao wa vurugu za uchaguzi kupelekwa mahakama hiyo ICC nchini Uholanzi na badala yake wanataka watumie mahakama maalum za ndani ya Kenya (Special Tribunal Courts) kushughulikia tuhuma hizo. Serikali yetu ya Tanzania nayo kupitia AU imeunga mkono msimamo huo wa kukataa watuhumiwa hao kupelekwa ICC.

    Lakini naomba itiliwe maanani kuwa msimamo huo wa serikali ya Kibaki si msimamo wa Wakenya walio wengi, kwani kwa mujibu wa matokeo ya kura rasmi ya maoni iliyopigwa hivi karibuni, asilimia zaidi ya 60 ya Wakenya wanataka watuhumiwa hao wakashitakiwe katika mahakama hiyo ya IC iliyoko The Hague nchini Uholanzi.

    Pia hata Waziri Mkuu wa nchi hiyo, Raila Amolo Odinga, yupo upande wa Wakenya walio wengi akipinga uamuzi huo wa Kibaki na wenzake.

    Tatizo ni nini?

    Tatizo ni kwamba serikali yetu kupitia AU imeunga mkono uamuzi wa serikali ya Kibaki wa kutowapeleka watuhumiwa hao ICC na jitihada za serikali hiyo za kutaka kujiondoa kwenye mkataba wa kimataifa wa Roma (Rome Statue) wakati Wakenya walio wengi hawataki.

    Ikumbukwe Tanzania ilipata fursa ya pekee ya kuwa msuluhishi wa mgogoro wa kisiasa nchini Kenya baina ya upande wa Kibaki na Odinga, heshima hiyo tulipewa kwa heshima ya kuaminiwa (Honest broker) katika kusimamia matakwa ya Wakenya.

    Na kwa kutambua mchango wa nchi yetu, Rais alipewa zawadi ya kutunukiwa shahada ya udaktari wa falsafa wa heshima kutoka Chuo Kikuu cha Umma cha Jomo Kenyatta.

    Kwa mantiki hiyo, kwa msimamo ambao serikali yetu imeonyesha, wa kutofautiana na Wakenya walio wengi (zaidi ya asilimia 60), ni dhahiri upo uwezekano kwa nchi yetu kujiingiza katika mgogoro wa kidiplomasia baina yetu na wananchi wa Kenya.

    Upo uwezekano pia wa nchi yetu kujiingiza katika mgogoro wa kidiplomasia baina yetu na serikali ya Kenya katika siku za usoni kama Rais wa nchi hiyo atakuwa Raila Odinga wa chama cha ODM ambaye tayari ameshatangaza azima yake ya kuwania urais wa nchi hiyo katika uchaguzi mkuu ujao wa 2012.

    Ninatoa wito wa kumtaka Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa, Bernard Membe pamoja na Waziri wa Ushirikiano wa Afrika ya Mashariki, Samuel Sitta, kutoa tamko la kuueleza umma wa Watanzania kwanini wameiingiza nchi yetu kwenye msimamo unaopingwa na Wakenya wengi ambao ni majirani zetu na ni ndugu zetu wa karibu. Je, waliona ni busara tu kumuunga mkono Kibaki na wenzake wachache na kupuuza matakwa ya
    Wakenya walio wengi?

    Je hawaoni kwa kufanya hivyo wanalichonganisha taifa na majirani zetu wa karibu?

    Katika hali ya kawaida nilitarajia kuona serikali yetu ikiheshimu matakwa ya Wakenya na msimamo wetu wa awali ambao ulikuwa ni kusimamia maslahi ya Wakenya walio wengi.

    Kimsingi, sera na misimamo yetu katika siasa za kimataifa, hasa diplomasia ya uchumi, vimekuwa vikiyumba, badala tumetilia mkazo diplomasia ya kuomba misaada na kushukuru. Tunahitaji mabadiliko makubwa ya kisera, mchakato wa kupata katiba mpya ni vema ukatumiwa kufanikisha mabadiliko hayo.

  4. p

    profkobayashi JF-Expert Member

    Jun 26, 2011
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    Jamaa ni MTUHUMIWA na hakuna mahakama iliyomhukumu

    whats next? tutaambiwa tusikutane na marais wa NORTH KOREA, IRAN, LIBYA, SAUDI ARABIA etc?
  5. Lunyungu

    Lunyungu JF-Expert Member

    Jun 26, 2011
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    JK anataka kuwa KIng Maker au ana ajenda gani yeye na Museveni ?
  6. GodfreyTajiri

    GodfreyTajiri JF-Expert Member

    Jun 26, 2011
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    bwana ben, tanzania kama mwanachama wa umoja wa afrika (au) na
    umoja huo kwa ujumla wake umeamua kuiunga mkono kenya ulitaka
    tanzania ifanye nini? kama uamuzi wa umoja wa afrika ulifikiwa kwa kura
    unajua kura ya tanzania ilisemaje? nini msimamo wa nchi nyingine wanachama
    wa jumuiya ya afrika mashariki (uganda, rwanda na burundi)?

    nadhani hii hoja yako ungeifafanua zaidi ila kwa jinsi ilivyo binafsi sioni
    tanzania ingefanya nini.
  7. Alwatan

    Alwatan JF-Expert Member

    Jun 26, 2011
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    To start with hiyo ICC is neither transparent nor credible body. Haina vigezo vilivyo wazi vya kusema nani ni dictator, mauaji katika mazingira gani ni genocide, au mtu aliye abuse powers zake kivipi awe indicted.

    Ukitaka kutazama kwa haraka haraka, utaona ni body iliyoundwa mahsusi kuwadhibiti mastrong man wa Africa na Eastern Europe, na Selected Middle Eastern countries.

    Hata siku moja hutokaa usikie Israel, U.K, U.S au France au mshirika yeyote wa NATO akipelekwa huko kwa mashitaka despite mauaji ya kila kukicha Gazza na unmanned Drone aircraft zao kwa kisingizio cha war on terrorism. Sanasana wakitangaza casualties wanakua ni wale wa NATO na sio wanavijiji wanouawa kila siku.

    So to me, i dont necessarily care or support what the ICC says about anyone, ingawa vilevile sio kama nakubaliana na madictator wa nchi zetu hizi.
  8. Ben Saanane

    Ben Saanane Verified User

    Jun 26, 2011
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    Asante ila Duh,hebu soma tena post yangu.Sasa ndiyo maana tunataka Membe na Sitta waweke wazi
  9. k

    kabombe JF-Expert Member

    Jun 26, 2011
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    Ben, diplomasia ina njia zake usikurupuke tu.


    Hao wana nyumba kabisa itakua Ruto aliekuja na kupita?

    Serikali in njia zake za kufanya mawasiliano na watu wanaoonekana vimeo kama hao,unajuaje je kama kaja kuomba kama akifungwa aletwe jela za Tanzania?