Priorities of president Kikwete!


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Aug 25, 2009
President Kikwete visited Kilimanjaro and Arusha Regions recently to witness various development projects. It reminds of what some residents of Arusha say about presidents' priorities.

Transport is one of Kikwete's visible priorities. The president witnessed completion of a tarred road to the Kenyan border in Kilimanjaro recently. Political fanatics say that even the president's most vocal political rivals in Kilimanjaro acknowledged his efforts to establish roads in the country.
Smiling is also a priority for president Kikwete. Many Tanzanians do not know how to interpret the reason for the president's smile. Some interpret the president's regular smile as an expression of affection to people while others believe the smile is a strategy to hide some cunning maneuvers against his political rivals.

Hivyo Kikwete nae ni kama Joe Biden kwa ku-smile?

Source: Zanzibar Ni Kwetu
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