Pedophiles: How do we stop them?

Jolie Laide

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Mar 26, 2021
Kazakhstan is going to chemically castrate 95 convicted pediophiles _besides this there was once a discussion that dead Pedophiles
do not re-offend, yes they don't but does that curb the actual problem of the predators we have in the streets? You see I'll use GBV and rape as an example, in Kenya (recently in fact) and many other countries the offenders knowing the penalty upon their discovery began murdering their victims (after the Act of course, haven't really heard of necromancy).

Punishment is given 'after' a crime is committed (so people get crafty on how not to get caught) there are no actual or rather working methods in place to prevent the Act in the first place other than self defense which is expensive and is only efficient or effective in a case of a single offender (worry about the weight, height, strength etc) and most of the times carrying a weapon might even make the situation worse if you're disarmed because then you have armed your soon to be offender and in the case of a child, the chances of opponent domination are close to zero.

I don't know how to help the ones in the streets but for those with parents, it is solely the parents' responsibility to watch your child like a hawk, know where and with whom he/she is with (but we're doing this already right)


When I say parent, I mean mothers.

Why? Well I've heard many (too many) my daddy touched me stories
Don't get me wrong, A father should always protect his children (no one should underestimate the power of a good protective father) and Pediophiles aren't restricted to males only, women have been violating children for centuries but let's work with majority cases here (fathers, uncles, priests, house helps- in fact this one goes for both genders)

But as a mother it is crucial to encourage Open Communication, between you and your child from the moment he/she is able to understand & respond, this for me, is Step 1.

Make it known to them that they can always come to you for help, our 'putting the fear of god' system (scaring morals or other stuff into a child child - wakuogope) especially us Africans is part of the problem because then the child is too scared to tell you the truth and they can't trust that you'll believe or even defend them.

Step 2
Teach them about their bodies, why?
Kids are Curious, so imagine an uncle or even a boy at school asking (politely even) to show your child (let's work with a girl) what the clitoris can do?

You see not all pediophiles use force on a child. (in fact these are the worst because the child will not scream or struggle - not that it helps to struggle but you get my point. And in most cases the trust is built more that the child will not tell you and what was an experiment becomes a routine).

Step 3.
Tell them what is out there
Let them they are not completely safe that sometimes there will be people who want to hurt them.
Example, you tell a child to come straight home from school but don't tell them why Or you tell them that a monster will get them but they stay out anyway but they don't see a monster they see a man in the flesh, one with treats and all. You see you led them right to him.

Tell them the truth so they can fathom why you do what you do, make it known.

Thank you for reading.

I am open to contrary opinion or additional.

Jolie Laide


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Jul 11, 2015
Sadly there are already calls for governments to classify pedophilia as a 'sexual orientation'

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