"Now Thousands of Students can Pass National Form Four Exam without Fear this Year!"


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Sep 12, 2011
Attention Students...

“Amazing, new book reveals...
“How To Pass Any Exam without Fear!”

If you are interested in Passing Exams without Fear this year, and get better grades quickly and easily then this is going to be the most exciting message you’ll ever read!

Here’s why:

There is an amazing new book called, ‘Winning the battle- How to Pass any Exam without Fear’. It’s written by Huzefa Mohamed whose weekly column appears on The Citizen Newspaper on Tuesdays and who has been a straight ‘A’ student after failing his initial exams in O’ levels.

How did he do it? A simple formula that he says, you can easily learn and use to get everything you wants in life: better grades, increased self confidence, great attitude and behaviour, simply anything you want. And he reveals the formula in his new book.

This book is amazing. Here’s a small sample of what it reveals:

  • How to Control Your Anxiety and Avoid Panic attacks
  • How to Manage Your Time During the Exam
  • How to Improve Your Revision using Proven Techniques
  • What Examiners want from you
  • Examination Techniques that can help you Score More Marks!
  • And Much, Much More How to Pass Exam without Fear.jpg

Pretty amazing, don’t you agree? But don’t take my words for it. Listen to the success stories of real students who have read and applied the secrets in ‘Winning the Battle’:

“ At first my grades were not as satisfactory and I came through your book last month. It was given to me as gift, in just 72 pages I learnt everything I needed to succeed. My grades have drastically improved from B’s to A+ and I’m on top of my class again. Your book has also transformed many of my friends with whom I shared”
Imaculate Mosha, Tanzania’s Best Student 2009/10, Marian Girls High School.

“I used to have alot of problems during my examination starting with fear of exam, stress, hypertension, failure of proper planning and revision. All these problems are now solved thanks to Huzefa’s new book and my marks have improved dramatically”
Biubwa Salim, Form 4 student, Shaaban Robert Secondary School.

That’s just a few of the testimonials from satisfied readers of ‘Winning the Battle’. However the publisher doesn’t expect you to believe them either. They want you to try the book out for yourself.

It’s easy to get your copy of the book. Visit MindTree Solutions, along India Street (Behind TTCL Extelecoms Building), Opposite Mc Soms Bureau De Change TODAY! or Call Now on 0684 017 700 to reserve your copy.

P.S: Supplies of the book is extremely limited. The publisher has nearly sold out the entire first printing and may not print another edition until next year. Order Now!

Yours Sincerely,

A. Gulamabbas
Educational Consultant


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Jun 19, 2011
Kwanza nikupongeze kwa moyo wako wa huruma na uzalendo kwa hiki kizazi cha dotcom kwa kufeli hadi kutoa hicho kitabu!
Tatizo ni kwamba wengi wa tz hatupendi kusoma maandishi ndo maana hata wengi wetu tunafeli


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Sep 12, 2011
Asante Sana kwa maoni yako. Ili kuwasaidia wanafunzi wa kizazi cha dotcom, Huzefa ameandaa Mafunzo pia kwa sababu hiyo tu. Wanafunzi wa sasa hivi wanaweza kupata 'Live' Training ambayo itawasaidia kufanya vizuri kwenye mtihani yao mwaka huu. wanaweza kufika hapo wakapata maelezo zaidi.

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