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never give up on your dream: comments needed

Discussion in 'JF Chit-Chat' started by aiai654, May 10, 2011.

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    May 10, 2011
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    mambo wanaJF

    As a young writer I ask for your comments on the style an content of below article: asanteni

    Never give up to your dream
    The more you are pressing to your dream, the more challenges you get from people telling you “Huwezi”/ “Haiwezekani”. Talking to friends and family you can face the same negative aspects as it’s won’t be possible, it’s not easy, no one from your culture have done this, no one from your family have been there and the list goes on.
    There are even some experts who can say things like you are not smart enough, you don’t know how to get it together, you are irresponsible and then miraculously they’ll say the only way to get there is to buy their book.
    That’s right. It’s almost as if these wakatisha tamaa enjoy see your hopes and dreams dashed all to pieces. Because for them, there is always something intrinsically wrong with you. They’ll say you’re just don’t going to make it. ‘Give up now,’ they say “because your dream will never come true “. They’ll tell you that it’s going to take too long, or you are going to sacrifice too much, or the market has changed too much. They will tell you there are very few real dreamers, many are “day dreamers” . All these zinakuleta kwenye low self-esteem. Usijali, KEEP ON PRESSING.

    Listen. if you have a dream in today’s world then you already know that its really hard. No one needs to tell you this. What you need is determination and focus. I remember my biology teacher telling me focus like a rhino. Kiboko akiwa kwenye mwendo hapindi njia kiasi kamba yuko yatari kupasua mti katikati kwa kichwa chake. I am missing kiboko in our national parks (this is another topic though!) So get up and go for your dream.
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    May 10, 2011
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