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Mukama: Rush to illegally acquire wealth frightening

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by nngu007, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. nngu007

    nngu007 JF-Expert Member

    Aug 26, 2011
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    Fri, Aug 26th, 2011

    CCM Secretary General, Mr Wilson Mukama

    Ruling party (CCM) Secretary General Wilson Mukama has described as frightening the emerging tendency for quick amassing of wealth through theft of public property, embezzlement and grand corruption.

    He said it was more frightening that even when such instances are uncovered, some of the members and citizens, instead of condemning and exposing the culprits, praise and even adore them.

    Mukama expressed this dismay when presenting a paper in Kampala at a regional conference on strengthening political party youth leagues and their roles in regional integration in Africa.

    He said also slowly emerging is a specter of "electoral corruption," explaining that there was no clear evidence that before multi-party elections, "we had serious electoral corruption."

    "But since we entered into multi-party politics a wave of electoral corruption and financial malfeasance, especially in the funding of campaigns, has been on the increase," he observed.

    He said Tanzania was currently witnessing candidates and aspirants, engaging in illegal exercise of buying voters and votes, noting that it has now become so common that, after every General Election, numerous election petitions are filed in the High Court, many of which, invariably, include allegations of electoral corruption.

    "Unfortunately, it appears that any amount of brain-racking and mind-wrenching in search of a way out of these phenomena always ends up in frustrating futility. Everyone still waxes eloquently on the evils of corruption," he said.

    He said CCM understands well that corruption was now a big problem in Tanzania, besides being a major threat to the country's peace, stability, and dignity.

    "That is why CCM and its government are now in full force, waging war against corruption, within and outside its leadership ranks and ordinary members," he said.

    "The drum beats are now being heard loud and clear that the fight against corruption, especially dealing with some of CCM leaders, and members accused of corruption and misuse of power, has started," he added.

    In waging the corruption fight, he said CCM had adopted as its clarion slogan, the metaphorical analogy which is reminiscent of a snake shedding – off its old skin, "Kujivua Gamba" in Kiswahili.

    He explained that "this is not an issue of rebranding, but one of repositioning and re-packaging the party in facing and fencing for multi-partyism."

    He, however, said that some members of the public have been expressing cynicism over steps being taken by CCM to require its members and leaders accused of graft scandals, to voluntarily resign, dubbing it as a mere politicking by the party.

    "Under the firm leadership within Chama Cha Mapinduzi, we are sure of staying the course, and we are hoping that this move will culminate into having in place, a stronger and united party," he said.

    Accusing civil servants and leaders of corruption, he said in recent years, national leaders and civil servants have developed a penchant for fetishising material things rather than putting greater value on human dignity and respects.

    He said however that a ruling political party that departs from these values and ethics, calls for its own early demise and invites the Opposition to take over.

    "CCM is aware of that. It is in this context that it is now implementing reforms that take the Party even closer to the masses, for like when a fish if taken out of water, it definitely dies," he noted.

    March last year, President Jakaya Kikwete told political parties that state organs would closely monitor corruption in the process of nominating candidates vying for elective posts within political parties.

    He said this in his monthly public address to the nation, underscoring the need by all political parties to abide by the Election Expenses Act.

    The President said under the Act, all election expenses incurred by political parties and their candidates must be accrued from internal party sources.

    "I have only one issue to address in my end of February message: The Election Expenses law," the President said, clearly signifying his seriousness over the need to stamp out the use of dirty money in the Tanzanian electoral process.

    "The law specifies all expenses by the political parties - and it spells out all election expenses that are incurred by the parties, government and candidates at all stages," said Kikwete.
    Source The Guardian
  2. apolycaripto

    apolycaripto JF-Expert Member

    Aug 27, 2011
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    Well speech,but doubt is on his/their feet.Generally Mkama is a critical thinker and has a wish to have something unique and popular in the party to offer.In otherside he has been surrounded with cadres of business as usual theme fed up with slogan of ''kidumu chama cha Mapinduzi'' while forgetting the entire part that makes the survival of CCM and is nothing other than ''members and citzens''?.

    For this blindness of leaders within CCM and the Gvt itself to forget what put them,sustain and exist today are people,that is where Mkama finds anonymous scream of crashing and falling of CCM, simply no body cares even his Chairman on what Mkama ought to do or is singing for.
  3. Rutashubanyuma

    Rutashubanyuma JF-Expert Member

    Aug 27, 2011
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    An inundation of contradictions......if he is not delusional how comes amidst "firm leadership"...........there is endemic corruption among civil servants?????????????
  4. Mtazamaji

    Mtazamaji JF-Expert Member

    Aug 27, 2011
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    Huyu mukama alitakiwa kuwa lecturer au mwalimu . Maana Katika mambo ya speech he is among the best. iwe anachoongea ni kweli au uongo anajua kuwasilisha hoja.

    Lakini ubaya huku afrika na tanzania specifically wanataalluma wengi wazuri wanajikuta wanalazimika kuwa wanasiasa. Na ukishakuwa mwanasiasa lazima uwe "muongo" kama si "msanii"

    Sound like it was a nice presentation.