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Apr 3, 2011
Hello Readers,
I would like to start by acknowledging the fact that we can't fight against technology, we just have to adopt and make a good use of it.

In recent years we have experienced rapid development in mobile devices which to be honest has changed the way we communicate, socialize and most importantly it affect the way we do business. When the smartphones emerged never imagined that mobile devices can actually surpass desktop computers but today with mobile internet devices like tablets, ipad and smartphones running on different version operating systems like ios, blackberry and android in place, I can see clearly.

The growth of mobile devices usage is growing exponentially in Tanzania and all over the world. This makes it vital for business that does or planning to go aboard into digital marketing and internet marketing to consider mobile devices audience segment. Diversified usage for mobile devices has made people very committed and attached to their mobile devices which makes it the most important advertising medium. There are so many mobile marketing tools out there but on this article I will discuss mobile websites mainly because on the digital marketing and internet marketing, your website is as important as your office, it is basically your virtual office.

A mobile website is a website designed to be viewed from a small screen of a mobile phone. Queries to a Web site include the type of browser being used, and when a request from a mobile browser is made, the site redirects it to its mobile counterpart (if there is one) for a more streamlined surfing experience. Of course, the user can access the mobile site by its own name such as Mobile sites render their pages in narrow columns and often provide only a subset of their regular Web site.

Years back when internet capable mobile phones hit the market, web designers and developers used to design two sets of websites, a desktop website and a mobile website where a visitor using a mobile device was automatically redirected to a mobile which shows only a few basic features. With this, the client was billed twice, for a desktop website and for a mobile website.

A responsive website is a website crafted to provide optimum viewing experience by making it easy to read and navigate with a minimum resizing and scrolling in a wide range of devices (from a mobile phone to desktop computer monitors). With a responsive website, the website adjusts itself to fit the screen size of the device used to visit it and give visitors excellent experience.

As important as the website is, a responsive website is very important for businesses of all sizes. People from all over the world are using mobile devices to visit websites and therefore it is important to give have a mobile friendly website.

Now the question is, IS YOUR WEBSITE RESPONSIVE.MOBILE FRIENDLY? you can check for yourself by simply minimizing the browser screen and see if it adjusts to fit the screen.

There are very few companies in Tanzania that makes responsive websites but the best of all is Bencus Marketing Solutions, this company has the best track records in delivering elegant, professional, responsive website designs. Good thing about Bencus Marketing Solutions is that they do search engine optimization and social media integration for free with any website design project.

You can contact Bencus Marketing Solutions by visiting their website or you can call their hotline +255 (0) 686 002 003 or you can visit their office at Basra Street Chang'ombe.


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