Minding your business,.!

marcus rojo

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Mar 19, 2017
Paul: Do u drink beer?
Patrick: Oh yes.
Paul: How many bottles per day?
Patrick: 5
Paul: When did u start drinking beer?
Patrick: 18yrs back.
Paul: How much is a bottle?
Patrick: 3000/-
Paul: So u spent 15000/- for beer per day?
Patrick: Yes.
Paul: If u were saving that 15000/- per day times 18yrs,
u get 97,200,000, u could be driving your own BMW X6
right now.
Patrick: May i also ask?
Paul: Go ahead.
Patrick: Do u drink beer?
Paul: No.
Patrck: So what is the colour of your BMW X6???

Moral lesson; Miind your own business!

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