Lawsuit filed against Trump


Jul 22, 2020
In the USA, the question of how reliably postal voting can take place is simmering. In addition to President Trump, the head of the US Post himself had aroused doubts. Now DeJoy is turning around and ensuring a smooth election process

In order to get rid of accusations that his own agency could not guarantee a smooth postal vote, the head of the US Post Office announced that he would postpone reforms and cuts. Any restructuring should be suspended until after the presidential election, assured Louis DeJoy.

“There has been a lot of discussion recently about whether Swiss Post is ready, willing and able to rise to the challenge,” said DeJoy, referring to the November 3rd vote. Due to the Corona crisis, it is expected that significantly more Americans will resort to postal voting this year.

The election mail will be delivered “on time and within our well-established service standards,” emphasized DeJoy.

It had sounded different recently: In several states, the Post had warned that election papers might not be delivered in time for all votes to be counted. Internal documents emerged that sorting machines and mailboxes were being dismantled.

Such measures are now being put on hold for the time being, according to DeJoy. In addition, the opening times of post offices should not be restricted, whose employees could work overtime to the extent necessary to cope with the expected additional work.

Trump railed against postal voting

The US Post is economically in a bad state. It is therefore known that DeJoy, who has headed the authority since June, is aiming for an austerity course. Even today, DeJoy emphasized that he had taken up his post to implement necessary reforms. DeJoy is considered an important donor to US President Donald Trump and his Republicans.

But Trump recently threatened to deny the Post financial aid. These are part of a Corona aid package, in which Democrats and Republicans are currently still fighting for an agreement. Originally the Democrats had asked for $ 25 billion, after initial negotiations with the Republicans, the sum of $ 10 billion for the post office and the electoral infrastructure is now in the room.

In recent days, Trump has increasingly presented himself as an opponent of postal voting, describing it as insecure and susceptible to manipulation. He therefore threatened to make the decision on financial resources more difficult for the Post. However, he rejected a blockade of such aids and later even emphasized that he had instructed the postal service to be accelerated.

Lawsuit filed against Trump and DeJoy

The Democrats are still alarmed and even want to vote on a law at the weekend that would prohibit cuts in postal operations. For this, the Democratic chairman of the chamber, Nancy Pelosi, even brought the House of Representatives back from the summer recess. However, such a law would also have to approve the Senate, which is in the hands of the Republicans.

But there is also legal resistance: a lawsuit against Trump and DeJoy has been filed in a federal court in Manhattan. It aims to provide adequate funding for the post office and its services prior to the election. Plaintiffs include Mondaire Jones, a lawyer and Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives.

The attorney general of the state of New York also announced that she would like to examine legal steps together with colleagues in order to prevent illegitimate restrictions on the post.

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