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Kwanini Kikwete hawezi kukemea mapinduzi ya Libya?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Kachanchabuseta, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Kachanchabuseta

    Kachanchabuseta JF-Expert Member

    Mar 22, 2011
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    Local NewsKikwete thanks Gadaffi for Dodoma 6bn/- mosque


    From NASONGELYA KILYINGA in Dodoma, 16th July 2010 @ 12:00, Total Comments: 1, Hits: 813

    PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete has praised President Muammar Gadaffi of Libya for providing money to build one the largest mosque in East African region.

    The President said this here yesterday when officially inaugurating the Dodoma Islamic Centre, which houses the second largest mosque in the region behind that of Kampala, Uganda that was also built by the support from the government of Libya.

    The government of Libya dished out some 6bn/- for the construction of the picturesque mega centre that will be used as an education centre and to provide medical service for all the people irrespective of their faith.

    President Kikwete thanked Gaddafi for accepting a request by former President Benjamin Mkapa to build the mosque, saying the Libyan statesman has done a noble thing for Muslims in Tanzania. He said the Libyan government exceeded the expectations of Muslims by providing more than what was requested.

    Mr Kikwete threw a challenge to the National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA) and all Muslims to maintain the imposing centre, saying it would be a shame for them to request help from Libya to undertake minor repairs, whenever the need arose.

    The President also seized the opportunity to urge Sheikhs in the country as well as a multitude of Muslims who flocked the centre for official opening, to pray for the nation, especially at the present time when the country was preparing for the general elections set for October 31.

    He said there were some unwelcoming incidences that normally happen during elections period, saying prayers are important to help peace and tranquility to prevail. Dr Ali Mohamed Shein laid the foundation stone for the construction of the mosque in September 2005. The centre has the capacity to accommodate at least 3,000 people at a go.

    Speaking at the occasion, the Secretary General of the World Islamic Call Society Dr Muhammad Ahmed Sharrif, conveyed a congratulation message from President Gadaffi to Mr Kikwete for officially opening the centre. He also praised Mr Kikwete for championing peace in Africa.

    Source:Daily News | Kikwete thanks Gadaffi for Dodoma 6bn/- mosque
  2. Makindi N

    Makindi N JF-Expert Member

    Mar 22, 2011
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    Akemee wakati anajua na yeye amekalia kuti kavu.............
  3. MchunguZI

    MchunguZI JF-Expert Member

    Mar 22, 2011
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    Kikwete hana upako wa kukemea mambo kama hayo.

    Kwani sasa hivi kisha jua pesa ya bajeti atapata wapi? Ole wake maana alisha tuhakikishia kwamba ziara zake zinaleta misaada, eti ndo manufaa ya kuzulula.
  4. Utingo

    Utingo JF-Expert Member

    Mar 22, 2011
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    hilo rungu la Gadafi mkononi mbona kama la mahakamani vile? analitumia kugongea nini?

    DOUGLAS SALLU JF-Expert Member

    Mar 22, 2011
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    Kumtaka JK akemee hilo ni sawa na kumtaka ng'ombe dume atoe maziwa.
  6. Matola

    Matola JF-Expert Member

    Mar 22, 2011
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    Sijawahi kuona kiongozi yeyote wa serikali wa nchi za ulaya atoe msaada wa kujenga msikiti au kanisa, viongozi wa namna hii hawana tija yeyote, huyu hajui kama baada ya ibada watu wanahitaji shule, barabara, zahanati n.k, wacha ang'olewe tu madarakani viongozi wa namna hii ni mzigo kwa dunia ya leo.
  7. kilemi

    kilemi JF-Expert Member

    Mar 22, 2011
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    Kwa Gadafi alikula msikiti, Marekani akala vyandalua, na ulaya akala hela ya badget!
    Itabidi akae katikati, baadae akamkenulie meno atakayeshinda!!