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Kikwete: Boost Africa's airline industry

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Rufiji, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Rufiji

    Rufiji JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    President Jakaya Kikwete has called on Africa to improve airline industry, in order to attract more tourists from the developed world.

    Addressing the 47th Annual meeting of the African Development Bank and the 38th Annual meeting of AfDB here, Kikwete said: "It is astonishing to see that there are limited direct flights landing in Africa from developed countries like the US, European countries and as far as Asia, despite of our thrilling tourist destinations."
    He said in the past, major international airline companies like Lufthansa used to land in Africa but today there are very few and some of them no longer land in Africa.

    "This is a very serious threat to Africa's tourism, which if well developed could employ millions of people," Kikwete said, adding that US-based airline - Delta now lands only in South Africa.

    "High airfare in Africa's airlines is a challenge that thwarts development of tourism industry in the continent," Kikwete said, calling for the continent's policy makers to work on the matter. "We need to create better environment to attract major international airlines, to initiate direct flights to African countries, so that tourists from abroad land directly in the tourist destinations they want.

    "If well developed, tourism will have a big share in providing employment to our people, which in recent days, has become a big challenge," he said citing increasing youth unemployment in Africa and warning that it could trigger political turmoil.

    "What happened in the Arab springs, will likely to affect other African countries. Unemployed youths is a challenge that needs to be worked on as they can destabilise even the democratically elected governments," he said, urging AfDB to play its role in industrialisation of Africa, through supporting growth of manufacturing and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the private sector.

    "What are required are the financial mechanisms to assist entrepreneurs in Africa to invest in manufacturing. They need finance but also support to develop into effective private sector."

    On agriculture, Kikwete asked AfDB to help African countries including Tanzania to transform their agriculture so as to enable the continent to feed itself and the world while at the same time lifting millions of people out of poverty through increased production and incomes.

    He also stated that Africa is in dire need of financial and technical support to upgrade and advance, adding that the financing gap to upgrade and advance Africa's infrastructure is a major constraint to the continent's development.
    Citing the Tanzanian example, the President said, the country has a road network of about 85,000km but only 6000km are paved.

    "We expect to reach 11,000km of tarmac roads by 2015. So, we've a long-way to go," he said, noting that Africa needs more roads, railways, ports and airports and ICT to open-up and increase market access in Africa. He stressed the need for African governments to take bold decisions to address the situation, by investing heavily in vocational training education, whereby youth will be fully-empowered with a wide-range of technical skills.

    "It is also time for Africa to start investing in industrialisation, taking the advantage of having large amounts of raw materials," he said, adding that Africa is well-placed and endowed with huge resources, which need to be processed for the betterment of its people.

    In his remarks, Cote d'Ivoire President, Allassane Ouattara called for collective efforts in addressing climate, which has been contributing to poor harvests of agro-related products in the continent. He said climate change is a threat towards ensuring the continent feeds its own people as of now there are millions of people who are starving in the region.

    My Take:

    ATCL imekufa mikononi mwa Kikwete , leo anafikiria international flights. Wakenya wanaifanya renovation Jomo Kenyata ili waweze kuwa na direct flight from USA kwani lazima airport iwe na standard fulani kabla ya ndege kutoka America kuruhusiwa kutua. Mimi nadhani angejikita zaidi kwenye kuhakikisha usafiri wa ndege ndani ya nchi unakuwa wa uhakika.

    Pili, ningependa kujua serikali ime-invest kiasi gani kwenye vyuo vya ufundi.
  2. E

    EDOMU Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    ni jambo la kushangaza sana kuwaona viongozi wa tanzania kujifanya wanajua kumbe hawana chochote wakiongozwa na kilaza jk.tumechoka mahubiri,watanzania hatutaki maneno,tunataka vitendo.....wenzetu wapo kimya ila vitendo vyao vinaonekana,if ccm is ran out of ideas & visions,kwa nini wasiige nchi wanazo enda kuzurura.hii mi ccm kila siku kuvuvuzela tuuuuu,l real hate this!!!
    tanzania needs something different,hope cdm will take tz to the promised land!!
  3. W

    WATANABE JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Chinese firm leased obsolete aircraft for Air Tanzania

    ATCL's Dash 8-300 aircraft that skidded off the runway at Kigoma airport. Picture: File


    Posted Saturday, May 19 2012 at 13:13

    China Sonangol International Holdings Ltd, the Chinese government investment firm, has been plunged into fresh controversy following revelation that it procured obsolete aircraft for the Tanzanian flag carrier.

    One of the three aircraft purchased by China Sonangol, a Dash 8 300 series operated by Air Tanzania Corporation Ltd (ATCL) crashed in April at Kigoma Airport in western Tanzania, injuring 35 passengers and four crew members. The aircraft is now a write-off.

    A detailed report by the Controller and Auditor seen by The EastAfrican last week says that China Sonangol, as the lead investor in ATCL with a 49 per cent stake, in 2007 leased two secondhand aircraft contrary to a memorandum of understanding entered with the government of Tanzania that same year, after the breakup of the partnership with South African Airways in September 2006.

    The planes were a Bombardier Dash 8-Q300 and an Airbus A320-214 that was all of 10 years old. In January 2009, the Airbus A320 underwent a Check D, also known as a Heavy Maintenance Visit, which is done after every four to five years.

    Subsequently in July 2010, the aircraft was returned to the lessor, a Lebanese firm, Wallis Trading Company. The government on paper incurred a loss of $39 million on the lease of the Airbus, which according to the report did not fly.

    But the report further shows that the debt accumulated from the transactions with the Lebanese firm rose to Tsh322 billion ($200 million), enough to purchase three brand new Airbuses of the same series. According to Airbus Aircraft 2012 Average List prices, the purchase order price of a brand new Airbus A320 series is $88.3 million.

    Controller and Auditor General Ludovick Utouh says that the government involvement in business decision making at ATCL is a serious problem.

    Mr Utouh says that the parties involved in the acquisition of two Dash 8-400 series aircraft that are currently being operated by ATCL were the government and China Sonangol, and the airline's board of directors and management were not part of the negotiations.

    "They were only informed of the decision to procure the two aircraft and asked to advance $500,000 as commitment," he says. Mr Utouh recommends that the government officials who participated in the controversial Airbus A320-214 leasing deal be taken to court for forcing cash-strapped Air Tanzania to sign a dubious deal with the Lebanese company.

    "The most serious organisational flaws were absorbed at ATCL. In the first place, ATCL, exists as a private company vide section three of its Articles of Association," he writes, adding that its governance, organisational structure and business processes are therefore to be viewed from a private company perspective rather than that of a public company.

    The CAG's report also notes that ATCL has for the past year been operating without a board of directors to oversee its activities. When the previous board of directors' tenure expired in March 2010, another board was not constituted until August 2010, when the government extended the tenure of the old board to March 31, 2011. "Therefore, since April 2011 to the date of this report, ATCL has had no board of directors in place," said the report.

    "The government should take appropriate action to restructure ATCL by providing it with adequate working capital," says Mr Utouh.


    Ninashindwa hata kukasirika kulingana na huu unyama wa maofisa ambao kwa uroho wa pesa wanadiliki kufikia kiasi hiki cha kutokujali binadamu wengine wakiwepo ndugu na marafiki zao ambao kwa bahati mbaya wangetokea kupanda hii ndege ambayo kwa kiswahili cha kawaida lilikuwa ni bomu likisubili kulipuka.

    Nitakasilika sana kama hawa maofisa waliojihusisha na mpango huu hawatafikiswa mahakani, na kama wakifikishwa mahakamani hukumu ikitolewa na iwe ni hukumu kali kama ya mauaji ya kinyama.

    Tamaa na ruswa zinaitafuna Nchi yetu ........Takukuru mko wapi?

    Katika hali ya kushangaza na kimiujiza, mkono furani uliamua kuiondoa hii ndege katika safari za anga bila kuiacha jamii na majonzi ya milele baada ya kuanguka bila binadamu yeyote kupoteza maisha.

  4. N

    Njoka Ereguu JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Ni vigumu sana kuamini kiongozi mkubwa wa nchi ambaye amekabidhiwa jukumu la kuwa mkuu wa nchi yenye watu zaidi ya mil.45, hajui kuwa nchi na wananchi wake hawawezi kujukwamua katika dimbwi la umaskini kwa kutegemea kila kitu kitoke nje.

    Maendeleo ni lazima yaanzie ndani kwa kulingana na jinsi unavyotumia kile kidogo kilichopo. Kama ambavyo katika ngazi ya familia tunaaza kuweka kidogo kidogo hadi unafikia kiwango cha kuwa na nyumba, gari, na watoto wanaenda shule na unakula na kunywa bila kutegemea serikali ije itufanyie hivyo. Serikali na viongozi wetu ni lazima watambue maendeleo yetu ya ndani ndiyo ambayo yatawavutia hao wawekezaji kutafuta fursa za kuja kuwekeza. Ndege kutoka marekani au Japan, ije Tanzania kwa abiria wangapi kila siku.

    Kwanza tujenge uwezo wa watu wetu internally kuwa na higher spending capacity kwa kuinua kipato chao ili wapate fedha za kuweza kupata ndege. Na watu wawezi kwa kuaza kupata ndege za gharama za mamilioni lazima wazoee kwanza vilaki then kipato kinapozidi kukua ndiyo na safari inazidi kuwa ndefu. Sasa hilo kwetu limekuwa ndoto maana hata shirika la taifa tumeliua.

    Lets tell people the truth.
  5. F

    FJM JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Ujasiri wa viongozi wetu kuongea uko juu sana!
  6. p

    posa Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Anaongea utafikiri ni kiongozi mstaafu asiye na mamlaka/jukumu ya/la hayo anayoyasema ,ni kama rais wa nchi iliyo nje ya afrika kama Brazil, argentina, etc
  7. Kigogo

    Kigogo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    yaai huyu mzee bana...sijui anawazaga nini anapoandika hizi hotuba zake ...khaaa
  8. A

    Awo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Hana hata aibu, anabwabwaja tu maadam amepata forum. Alipoingia madarakani ATCL haikuwa na CEO. Kama alitaka kulisaidia shirika la ndege ule ndio ulikuwa wakati muafaka. Lakini wapi, badala ya kutafuta CEO mwenye uwezo na nia ya kuendesha shirika la ndege akamtafutia ulaji mshikaji ambaye alikuwa ameachishwa kazi kwa tuhuma za rushwa, akampa uCEO wa ATCL! Yaliyotokea baada ya hapo ni historia. Leo hii bila aibu anashauri vitu ambavyo hajawhi kuwa na uwezo wa kufanya. Kweli Tanzania tumekula garasa!
  9. njiwa

    njiwa JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    hiyo hotuba ina tatizo gani..? au tatizo aliyeongea hayo maneno ni kikwete ..?
  10. Safari_ni_Safari

    Safari_ni_Safari JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Anawaza kuruka tuu........hao watalii ukiwaleta wataishia airport? Vipi barabara?
  11. Sniper

    Sniper JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Msanii wa wasanii
  12. Safari_ni_Safari

    Safari_ni_Safari JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Ukiona hivyo anataka kuanzisha Precision yake akielekea kustaafu 2015
  13. mtotowamjini

    mtotowamjini JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    nachowapendea viongozi wetu ni kua wanajua sana kuongea....lakini kutekeleza ZERO
  14. A

    Awo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Utawaambiaje wenzio fanyeni A na B wakati wewe hujawahi kufanya hivyo? Ndio uongozi gani huo? Kikweteism?! God forbid.
  15. m

    mjibu hoja New Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Tatizo watanzania tumekuwa walalamikaji sana na kupaka matope viongozi wetu kwa kisingizio cha upinzani.
    The guy had been voted in by yo self, sasa mnalalamika nini. If you do like democracy acha ifanye kazi yake. Ila personally I think ni mwanya wa kuwa na watu wapuuzi wanaojiita viongozi na kutuamulia mambo mazito sana. We should look on this kwenye katiba mpya.
    Mtu hana utaalamu wowote zaidi ya kufungua domo jukwaani na kuhadaa wananchi, eti kiongozi. Kwelii its high time vijana jmn!
  16. n

    nderingosha JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    JK is a joke.....if we conduct a poll on hypocrisy among African presidents..then JK will most probably be the most hypocritical president we have in africa....always talking(in international fora)what he doesn't do at home in TZ.... You hear him telling others to walk the talk...while himself doesn't walk the talk at home....I sometimes come to think that JK is practicing a hidden hypocritically making himself known outside TZ...while doing very differently back home....We have many examples of JK's conducts while outside TZ.. refer his recent talk on food security and nutrition in USA(while his people are starving back home and land is being leased to commercial farming)....his recent talk on openness and accountability in Brazil (while his government is really not open/accountable to fight against corruption).....Generally speaking..we have one of the most hypocritical leaders in africa (if not the world)...
  17. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Precision ni tawi la KENYA AIRWAYS soko la shamba la bibi Tz.
  18. b

    bumes Senior Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Anybody can prepare a good speech and anybody is able to speak well, but we need leaders who can think beyond the books, their starting point should be from everyday realities and then what they have learnt from books as mere tools to accomplish the goal.
    Not people talking about economic growth when anybody knows that one sector of the economy can perform exremely well and contribute to the GDP while other sectors and crumbling.

    First each time you go to the west or the so called in development in mind have this.

    1. Africa is the market for the west
    2. Africa is the source of raw material for the west
    3. ETC not to mention many others as an experiment laboratory to the west

    We must be dreaming to think that these people want us to develop like them it means it is doom for them.

    So they are the most happy people when they listen form year in to the year out the good speeches which evaporates with time.

    The Citizen
  19. C

    Chumbageni Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    Ndio maana:

    [TABLE="class: contentpaneopen"]
    [TD="class: contentheading, width: 100%"]Chinese don tells JK painful truth on Dar [/TD]
    [TD="class: buttonheading, width: 100%, align: right"] Send to a friend [/TD]
    [TABLE="class: contentpaneopen"]
    [TD="class: createdate"]Thursday, 29 March 2012[/TD]

    By LudgerKasumuni, The Citizen Reporter

    Dar es Salaam. Tanzania’s economic policies came under criticism yesterday, with two foreign professors saying they were more of rhetoric than actions.The academics—Prof Do Duc Dinh from Vietnam and Prof Li Xiaoyun from China—said it would take many years for Tanzania’s economy to make tangible advances if the leadership continues on the path of talks, dialogue and paper work rather than concrete actions to implement plans that already exist.

  20. kanga

    kanga JF-Expert Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    JK NI MZIGO WA MISUMARI.why not prepare a speech that potrays your vision and mission.Of course he has been talking about nightmares.forbid him