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Jeshi la polisi hapa bado..

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Rabi wa Leo, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Rabi wa Leo

    Rabi wa Leo Senior Member

    Sep 5, 2012
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    Hizi ni baadhi ya Sifa za kujiunga na Vitengo mbalimbali vya kipolisi kwa Marekani..

    Federal Law Enforcement
    *Minimum age is usually 21.
    *Possess a valid driver's
    *Have a 4 year COLLEGE DEGREE
    3 years of investigative
    *Pass a written entrance test.
    *Pass an oral interview.
    Pass a background
    Pass a polygraph test.
    Pass a psychological
    Pass a medical examination.
    Pass a physical fitness test.
    Vision must be correctable
    to 20/20.

    2.State Law Enforcement.
    *Have a high school diploma or GED.
    *Possess 60 college credits.
    *Pass a written entrance test.
    *Pass an oral interview.
    *Pass a physical agility test.
    *Pass a background
    *Pass a polygraph test.
    *Pass a psychological
    *Pass a medical examination.
    Vision must be correctable
    to 20/20.

    3.City And County Law
    *Have a high school diploma
    or GED.
    *Possess 45 college credits

    Additional Information.
    A four year college degree in any
    field of study will qualify you for
    most federal, state and local law
    enforcement jobs.
    In lieu of a degree, most federal
    agencies will accept three years
    of responsible work experience.
    Each agency can determine what
    they consider to be qualifying
    experience. For example, the
    Secret Service wants you to have
    three years of criminal
    investigative experience. Three
    years as a police officer will not
    necessarily qualify you with
    them. Whereas, the U.S. Marshals
    Service will accept you without
    any law enforcement experience
    as long as you have three years
    of supervisory experience.
    Most state and local law
    enforcement departments
    require an applicant to have
    some college credits, usually
    around 45 - 60. Some require an
    Associate degree while other
    require a four year degree.
    Felony Convictions
    If you have a felony conviction,
    you are not eligible to apply for
    any sworn law enforcement
    position. Under federal law and
    most state laws, a convicted felon
    cannot possess a firearm. Also
    under federal law, if you are
    convicted of a misdemeanor
    crime involving domestic violence
    such as spousal abuse you
    cannot possess a firearm and
    therefore cannot become a
    police officer.
    Written Entrance Test
    Most departments have a written
    entrance test. 70 percent is
    usually passing but will probably
    not get you the job since some
    departments give their test on a
    regular basis and only hire the
    top scores. The test is usually a
    general aptitude test and does
    not ask questions about the law.
    In addition to the written test,
    some departments give a video
    test. The video portion of the
    testing is based on law
    enforcement related scenarios
    that focus on quick judgement
    and common sense. You watch
    the video and then answer
    multiple choice questions as to
    what you would do. All of the
    answers can be derived without
    prior police training or
    Physical Fitness / Agility Test
    Most departments give a physical
    fitness / agility test to determine
    your strength and endurance.
    This may consist of push-ups and
    sit-ups performed in one minute
    time period, a sit and reach
    flexibility test, a 1 - 2 mile run, a
    bench press test, a stair climbing
    test, carry or drag a weight a
    certain distance, a vertical jump,
    climbing over a low wall, push
    test and a balance test.

    *Awe amehitimu kidato cha nne na kupata angalau alama 28(division iv)
    *Awe na akili timamu,miaka 18 au zaidi n.k
  2. Muangila

    Muangila JF-Expert Member

    Sep 5, 2012
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    kwa hivi vya wamarekani hata Said Mwema hana
  3. M

    Manyiri Member

    Sep 5, 2012
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    mbona haujaongelea malipo-salary