Jan 24, 2013
Prove yoself if u ar kind of genous

Farmer Gray and Farmer Brown were neighbors.
One day, Farmer Brown bought Farmer Gray's
horse for $60. Soon thereafter, Farmer Gray began
complaining that the horse had been worth more.
Farmer Brown then offered to sell the horse back
and, since it was now supposedly worth more,
demanded $70. Farmer Gray went along with this
and paid the price. The next day, Farmer Brown
claimed to have developed a fondness for the
animal and bought it back—for $80. This business
came to an end a month later when Farmer Gray,
with harvest time approaching, paid Farmer Brown
$90 and took the horse home.


1. Was any money made or lost during these
2. If so, who made (or lost) money, and how much?
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