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Its not about the presidency, its who surrounds one

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by mharakati, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Nov 7, 2011
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    Even as president of a banana republic , you cannot rule and do everything by yourself, (the case of Jk Nyerere). You have to rely on a circle of close unofficial and official advisors who happen to have something in common with the president. And in many cases you do not even need to look for them as once they know your trajectory to power they will stick around knowingly that the spoils of power are just around the corner.

    The kind of power that Tanzanian president enjoys under the constitution is such that it attracts hoardes of all kinds of questionable individuals. The characters who often end up in this position are smart ,but selfish ruthless individuals who will stop at nothing to gain power and enrich themselves while pretending to have the president's and nation's interests as their chief motivation.

    The group to gain more power around the Presidency they often times isolate the President from the rest of the government to create a "threatening" environment that Mr. President will increasingly be dependent on them and thats equal more power, prestige, and privilege for them. This is where we find governments failing to deliver on its promises as close knit and extremely self-interested individuals are the one running the show and not the person elected by the people. This has been evident in many developing countries where there are absolute Presidencies.

    The kitchen cabinet is usually staffed with these people, but the most powerful of them remains on the sidelines off the public eyes, but with access to the presidency than most leaders in the party and government. This self-interest look within the Presidency often depicts itself on all levels of government and there we get a government where all the fruits of the nation's labor goes into few private ends and all the bad, the ugly and unwated i.e (national) debts are shared by all of us.

    (Fikiria the main characters in this current govt walikotoka, walipo, wamewekwa na nani na rais anafanya nini utaona)