Is the USA any different from Britain?


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Apr 11, 2008
While Britain priorities have changed since World War II, the country has always known it could, in the end, rely on the United States to defend in the event of major conflict. Britain itself has contributed to America’s wars, and the expectation is that the United States will always provide a military umbrella if the United Kingdom were attacked. But can the United States fulfill its military obligations at a time when U.S debt is at record levels?

Note: The late French President Charles de Gaulle once dismissed the United States and Britain as “the Anglo-Saxon debtor nations” Four decades later, their enormous debt is forcing the two countries into a period of dramatic change.

Max Shimba
A century ago, the United Kingdom was the greatest military power in the world. The country was also the greatest investing nation, accounting for almost 50 percent of all international investment on the eve of World War I in 1914.

Yet by 1916, halfway through the "war to end all wars," the United Kingdom was borrowing heavily from the United States. The country still remained a global superpower right through World War II. Even in 1953, at the time of Queen Elizabeth's coronation, it was a major military and political power.

But by the 1950s it was in rapid economic decline. Contributory factors were a lack of competitiveness and government control of much of the nation's production. Added to these were rising welfare and health costs, a consequence of the postwar welfare state introduced by the government elected after the war ended in 1945.

For more than six decades Britain has been gradually reducing its military spending, effectively to finance its ever-increasing welfare and health costs.

Is The United States of America going to be just like what happened to the United Kingdom?
Well we mustn't forget that Hitler found cities by the time he was done with them he left rubbles. Being a superpower you need to demonstrate your strength when your down and try to help those most affected. Debt was inevitable but you got to admire the way they stood up after the war.

If Britian had half the size of USA she would still be dominating the world affairs, since size matters they have to play their cards right. You got associate yourself with the right bully if you're going to scare some little hoodlums. As for the welfare support thats just their culture and moral issues that are attached to them, each society must decides how much should the state give back from what it takes. Remember a majorty of the welfare fund comes from other citizens who are well-off, if you ask me its only fair they gave back, especially in a society whereby people do not have equal chances in life.
Is there any different or difference?

I believe the thread stater wants to know if USA is distinguishable compared to UK (prior super power)?

You can just look on the events currently encumbering USA are undiscernable compared to what happened to UK. If you read MaxShimba's second post you will understand where he is going.

I am just thinking loud.
The "scenario" looks the same. I don't think they will able to escape the inflation
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