How to Run Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard) using VMware on an Intel PC


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How to Run Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard) using VMware on an Intel PC

If you salivate to the thought of using Mac OS X and just want to experience its wonders but couldn't afford to buy a Mac is definitely in for a treat. Thanks to virtualization, now, you don't have to sell your house just to experience this slick operating system. All you need is a capable Intel PC with Windows OS and the ability to follow instructions.

(This demo was tried and tested on PC with setup: Intel Core2Duo 6600 2.40GHz with 3GB RAM running Win 7 Ultimate (32-bit))
So why use this Snow Leopard VMware image method rather than dual-booting, you ask? Well..
  1. It works and you can use it immediately.
  2. No installation needed.
  3. No need to configure partitions or boot loaders.
  4. Drivers, sound, video & network all configured already. It's basically like plug-and-play.
  5. Easy to copy/transfer to another PC.
  6. Switches and works seamlessly with your current OS without the need to reboot.
Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Ram: 1GB
  • Hard Disk: 15GB
Required Files

[HR][/HR]1. Download the Mac OS X Snow Leopard VMware image bundled with WMware (torrent download filesize is 2.79 GB). –> alternative torrent link.
Setup Instructions

[HR][/HR]1. Extract the contents of VMware Workstation 7.0.0 Build 203739 Final.rar then install the application.
2. Now extract Mac OS Snow Leopard.7z to the location of your choice.
3. Open the extracted folder. With VMware workstation installed, locate then double click Mac OS Snow Leopard.vmx file.

This will open up the VMware workstation application loaded with Mac OS X Snow Leopard virtual machine.

You can Edit virtual machine settings if you like (increase the memory and number of processors if applicable for better performance).
4. Now click Power on this virtual machine.

5. When prompted, just select "I copied it" then click OK. That's it. Mac OS X should now be up and running. But for some reason the language is set in Russian.
To Change the Language

[HR][/HR]1. At the dock click System Preferences.

2. At System Preferences select Language & Text (marked in red).

3. In Language section click the Edit List button.

4. Tick the language of your choice (in this demo: English).

5. Then go back up and untick the other language. Click OK.
6. Now go to Formats.

7. Using the drop down, change the region of your choice.
8. Then go to Input Sources and untick the unwanted language.

9. Logout then log back in for it to take effect.

The login password is: 123. That's basically it. You're all set. Enjoy.
(Optional) Change Password | Update the OS

[HR][/HR]To change the password

1. Go to System Preferences then select Accounts.
2. Click Change Password.
3. For user: svp; type in old password: 123. Then enter a new password.
4. Click Change Password button.
To update the OS

1. Select the Apple Logo at the menu bar.

2. Then click Software Update.
Just make sure your computer (host OS) is connected to the internet to get this done.

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