How to Block Unwanted Emails

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Feb 3, 2009
Do you want to block emails from your ex wife/husband? Do you want to block those annoying offers and newsletters that reach your inbox? Well here is a way to block all those unwanted and annoying emails that you do not want to see or read! With this trick you can block individual email address or the whole domain from which you do not want the emails to come from. Here are the step-by-step instructions to do this.
For Gmail

1. Login to your account
2. At the top-right corner, click on Settings
3. Under Settings, click on Filters
4. You’ll now see an option “Create a new filter“, click on it
5. Now in the From field enter the email address from which you do not want to receive the emails
For ex. you may enter john@gmail .com in the From field to block all incoming emails from this address. However if you want to block the whole domain then use the following syntax:* Now all the incoming emails from the domain will be blocked.6. Click on Next Step, select the action you’d like to take on the blocked emails. You may select the option Delete it so that the blocked email is moved to trash. To unblock the email, all you need to do is just delete the filter that you’ve created.
For Yahoo

1. Login to your account
2. At the top-right corner, click on Options
3. A drop down menu appears, now click on More options
4. In the left panel select the option Filters and click on create or edit filters
5. Now click on Add
6. In the next screen, give a name to your filter and in the From header field enter the email address that you want to block.
Fox ex. or if you want to block an entire domain then just enter Dont enter * Select the option Move the message to: Trash and click on Save Changes.

For Hotmail

1. Login to your account
2. At the top-right corner, click on Options
3. A drop down menu appears, now click on More options
4. Click on Safe and blocked senders link under Junk e-mail
5. Now click on Blocked senders
6. Type in the email address that you want to block under blocked e-mail address or domain field.
For ex. Enter to block the individual email address or just enter to block the entire domain.
That’s it. You no longer receive those annoying emails in your inbox. Keep your inbox clean and tidy. I hope this post helps. pass your comments!

Herbalist Dr MziziMkavu

JF-Expert Member
Feb 3, 2009
vipi kuhusu kuremove mail za facebook still the same au kuna jia tofauti?
kama unatumia Yahoo account email yoyote itakayo kuja in box wewe bonyeza (Spam) haitakuja tena in box itakwenda huko kwenye Spam. La kama unatumia Account ya hotmail bonyeza mahali palipo andikwa (Junk)

Herbalist Dr MziziMkavu

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Feb 3, 2009
Naomba uniambie kublock text msg kama unajua.

How Do You Block Annoying Text Message (SMS) Spam?


Over the last couple of days, my cell phone has been inundated with text message spam. Yes, it's suspicious timing, considering that Facebook just started giving out our phone numbers to app makers-but either way, here's some tips for how to block annoying SMS spam.
Naturally, these tips can also be used to block anybody from sending you a message-if you don't want to hear from that crazy psycho ex anymore, just treat them as a spammer and block them accordingly.
Contact Your Cell Phone Provider

Everybody everywhere knows that email providers have spam filters, but did you realize your cell phone company has spam filters for SMS messages as well? When you're receiving SMS spam, it means that those messages got through the filters and made it to your phone. Your best bet is to contact your phone provider and let them know about the spammer, so they can add them to the filter and prevent them from reaching your phone.
When you're dealing with SMS spam, sometimes you'll be spammed by a single number, but often it's going to be coming from all over the place. You can reply "STOP" like they ask you to, but it's unlikely to work the way you think for most phone providers. Sure, the spam will eventually stop, but it lets the spammers know that they got a real person. You'll just get more.

The biggest problem is that you're paying for the incoming SMS message, even if you didn't request it-and then you have to pay for another message to remove yourself? Sure, it's only a few pennies, but it's the principle of the thing. Keep reading for more methods of blocking spam.
Blocking SMS Spam on Android Phones

If you've got an Android phone, you're in luck, because there's a ton of applications that block SMS messages from people that aren't in your contact lists. This is perhaps the most straight-forward way to get rid of spam, though you can also look at the carrier-based options further down the page.
The application we looked at was called Anti SMS Spam & Text Filter, which is a bare-bones application that does just one thing: block spammers. The most important feature is to enable "Block unknown numbers" from behind the misspelled "Setting" button. You can also block by keyword, number, and also see a list of all the spam messages that were blocked. There's loads of other apps that do the same thing and even have more features, just search through the market.

Note: these screenshots came from the app page for illustration purposes.
Blocking SMS Spam on iPhones

HAHAHA! Yeah right. Steve Jobs says no. Well… that's not entirely true-you can jailbreak your iPhone and install some applications from Cydia that will help you block SMS spam, and the one that everybody recommended to me was called iBlackList. Once you've installed it, you can follow this tutorial to help understand all the options-the important one is to block "Unknown Number", which is where all of your spam is going to come from.

Blocking SMS Spam Using Google Voice

If you are a Google Voice user, you can block spammers directly from within Voice by simply logging into the web panel and clicking the "Report Spam" button for any message you want.

To more completely understand the Google Voice options, here's one of their official videos:

Without question, Google Voice is an extremely powerful tool.
Verizon Wireless

If you're a Verizon customer, you can simply use their Spam Controls to disable any messages sent to your phone from the web or email (like, which is where a very large percentage of the spam is going to come from. You can also block domains or email addresses specifically if you want-just head into the Internet Spam Blocking tab once you login to the Verizon panel.
It's important to note that this will block other, potentially legitimate notifications-if you use notifications from your airline, web sites that send SMS reminders, and others, they usually use email to SMS gateways to send them. If you don't, then go for it.

Note: If you have an Android phone and you're using an SMS blocker application, you might still want to use this setting to reduce the amount of SMS spam you get billed for.
T-Mobile & Sprint

Sadly if you're using either T-Mobile or Sprint, you don't have as many options on the carrier level. Sprint has absolutely none as far as we can tell with some research (if you're a Sprint customer and know of something, please let us know), and T-Mobile has something they call "Email Filters", which allows you to block based on certain criteria, but doesn't give you the global option that AT&T and Verizon have for blocking all messages.

The controls on AT&T are actually better than Verizon, because not only can you block text messages and multimedia set from the web or email, you can also set a secret alias for your phone's email to SMS gateway. Head to and use the Blocking Options to set the controls to block.

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