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How did we get into this mess in the first place?

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Tikerra, Dec 26, 2008.

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    Dec 26, 2008
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    When I sit down to ponder I really go to the high seas.I often discover that for so many generations our faculties have been immersed in complete darkness which is impossible to clear.For generations for example we have been made to believe that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th!This is simply not true.Why we believed this heresy,is a mystery.Not only were we cheated that Christ Jesus was born on 25th of December,but we were father cheated that we should celebrate his birthday!For Gods sake,the Bible does not instruct that we should celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ.Why,because God did not simply see the need for it.As foolish as we are, we believed the heresy and continued to celebrate Christmas.The story did not end up there.On the 26th of December they introduced another heresy, that we should celebrate Boxing day. Common sense,which is not common these days after all, would tell me that you cannot be celebrating something Godly,that is Christmas, and all of a sudden go to something that suggests ungodliness,Boxing.There are only two suggestions here,either all are ungodly or they are Godly.However since Boxing obviously suggests ungodliness, Christmas and Boxing day are all not Godly. I have highlighted the origins of Christmas in one of my previous threads,it should suffice here to say that it has pagan origins.

    And what are the origins of Boxing day?Boxing day dates back to past centuries when it was the custom for the wealthy to give gifts to employees or to people in a lower social class,most especially to household servants and other service personnel.The name has several folk etymologies.As with Christmas, some elements of Boxing day are also likely related to, and ultimately derived from,the ancient Roman Saturnalia,which also had elements of gift giving and social role reversal.Boxing day has a rather more obvious occultist connection in Sweden, where it is called Stephen's Day.In Tyrolese churches, early in the morning of St.Stephen's day, there is a consecration of water and salt brought by the people.The water is then used by peasants to sprinkle food,barns and fields in order to avert the influence of witches and evil spirits.Bread soaked in the water is given to cattle when they are driven to to pasture on Whit Monday.The salt too is given to to cattle and the peasants themselves partake of it before any important journey.

    Boxing day is a public holiday in Commonwealth of Nations with mainly a Christian population.In England the day is known as St.Stephan's Day.St.Stephan was the first Christian martyr to be stoned to death in Jerusalem around AD34-35.Again the exact date when he was executed is not known,and even if it was known, the Bible does not instruct that we should commemorate such days!Indeed this is heresy,and how States/countries and the churches were drawn into this non sense is a mystery.

    Since May day is coming,I thought I should also ponder a little beat about May Day.Secret societies do nothing without multiple layers of esoteric meaning:symbolism is of vital importance.It was in this tradition that Adam Weisaupt founded the Illuminati on May 1st 1776.When we look at the doctrine of the Illuminati,it becomes clear that the choice of May day for its birthday was not a coincidence.Weishaupt was well aware of the pagan celebrations that had been practiced for thousands of years on the first of May-which were maintained in some form up to Weisaupt's time,and still continue to this day.Beltane,as it is known in the British Isles marks "the midpoint in the Suns progress between the vernal equinox and summer solstice".The etymology of the word means "bright fire","bale-fire" or "Baal' fire".The festivals on May 1st, literally stem from a form of sun and fire worship.Beltane is one of four Celtic fire festivals,and is probably the second most important festival next to Sambain.Beltane is principally a sun festival and was performed during the day.

    To me then, Christmas,Boxing Day and May day have no significance whatsoever.They were not for me in the first place,they are not for me now,and they will never be.They are occultist,and by observing them, we open the doors to Lucifer and his angels to live among us!No wonder our country is ooops!Open your eyes and see,my friend you are in complete darkness!