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Home Security-useful tips on choosing home alarm system

Discussion in 'JF Chit-Chat' started by tanzaniafun, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Jul 29, 2011
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    Home alarm system can effectively protect your home away from intrusion and potential break-ins. There are many types of home alarm system in the market, choose the correct one is most important for home owners.

    Wireless alarm system or hardwired alarm system ?

    It's better to choose the wireless alarm system for already decorated homes and also for people that want to install the alarm system by themself.
    Hardwired alarm system may looks like very powerful, but if you are not professsional, then you can not install it by youself. It requires professional installer. By the way, installation of hardwired alarm system with heavy cable laying construction works to do. It's only suitable for the house just build up and without decoration or in re-decoration stage.

    How to choose detectors ?

    Detectors are very important component for any alarm systems. You can choose Active Infrared Beam Detector for perimeter detection and install them around your house outside. PIR Motion detectors are installed inside for movement detection. Door/Window magnetic contact switches are installed in each important access doors/windows for sensing the open and close of doors/windows.
    Among them, it's better to choose install more magnetic contact swtiches. The reason is magnetic contact switches with the lowest false alarm. If your home with pets, then it's better not to use the PIR Motion detector. If the protection environment must need PIR Motion Detectors, then Please choose the Pet-immune PIR motion Detector. Fire detector is the must when buy a burglar alarm system. All the burglar alarm system with the fire detection cabability, so when try to get a burglar alarm system, you need to purchase extra fire detectors. There are two major fire detectors; Smoke detector, heat detector. Smoke detector is commonly used.

    Self-monitoring or Monitoring Contract ?

    If you have enough budget, then it's better to use the home alarm system with monitoring contract. Self-monitoring is a good choice, when you don't want to pay monthly monitoring fee.