Hispania: Wachezaji wakataa kuitumikia timu ya taifa hadi Rais wa Shirikisho atakapo jiuzulu


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Feb 7, 2022
Mchezaji wat imu ya Taifa ya Wanawake ya Hispania, Jenni Hermoso amedai kuwa haikuwa hiyari yake kumruhusu Rais wa Shirikisho la Soka la Hispania (RFEF), Luis Rubiales kumbusu mdomoni baada ya mchezo wa Fainali ya Kombe la Dunia dhidi ya England mjini Sydney.

Kauli hiyo ameitoa baada ya Rubiales kukataa shinikizo la kujiuzulu kutokana na kitendo hicho, hivyo kusababisha Wachezaji 81 kuthibitisha kuwa hawataichezea timu ya Wanawake ya Uhispania hadi atakapoondolewa kwenye wadhifa wake.

Serikali ya Uhispania imeanza mchakato wa kumchukulia hatua kiongozi huyo wakati Shirikisho la Soka la Kimataifa (FIFA) nalo limefungua jalada la kinidhamu.

Baada ya taarifa hizo, RFEF nayo imesema itamfungulia kesi Hermoso kwa kutoa kauli za uwongo dhidi ya Rubiales kuhusu tukio hilo.


Jenni Hermoso 'didn't consent' to Luis Rubiales kiss as Spain players refuse to play

Jenni Hermoso says she did not consent to be kissed by Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales - as 81 players confirm they will not play for Spain's women's team until he is removed from his post.

Rubiales has refused to resign after kissing forward Hermoso on the lips following Spain's Women's World Cup final win over England in Sydney.

The Spanish government started legal proceedings seeking to suspend the 46-year-old, while Fifa has also launched disciplinary proceedings.

Rubiales had been widely expected to resign at an extraordinary general assembly called by the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), but instead said "I don't deserve this manhunt".

He added: "Jenni was the one who lifted me up. I told her to 'forget about the penalty [that Mary Earps saved]' and I said to her 'a little peck?' and she said 'OK'.

"It was a spontaneous kiss. Mutual, euphoric and consensual. That's the key. A consensual 'peck' is enough to get me out of here?"

Pachuca player Hermoso released a long statement on social media, saying: "I want to make clear that at no time did the conversation to which Mr Luis Rubiales refers to in his address take place and, above all, was his kiss ever consensual."

She added his claims were "categorically false and part of the manipulative culture that he has generated".

"I feel the need to report this incident because I believe no person, in any work, sports or social setting should be a victim of these types of non-consensual behaviours. I felt vulnerable and a victim of impulsive-driven, sexist, out-of-place act, without any consent on my part," she continued.

"Quite simply, I was not respected."

She added that she was put "under continuous pressure" to help with a "statement that could justify" Rubiales' actions - and so were her family, friends and team-mates.

"These types of incidents add to a long list of situations that the players have been denouncing. This incident is the final straw and what everyone has been able to witness on live television also comes with attitudes like the one we saw this morning [Friday] and have been part of our team's daily life for years," she added.

A statement from England's Lionesses, who lost to Spain in the final, said the incident was "unacceptable".

It added: "The behaviour of those who think they are invincible must not be tolerated and people shouldn't take any convincing to take action against any form of harassment.

"We stand with you, Jenni Hermoso."

A statement by players' union Futpro was signed by a host of players, including all 23 members of the Spain squad which just won the World Cup.

It read: "After everything that happened during the delivery of medals of the Women's World Cup, we want to state that all the players who sign this letter will not return to a call for the national team if the current leaders continue."

Spain's next game is against Sweden in the Nations League on 22 September.

Borja Iglesias, who plays for Real Betis, said earlier on Friday he would not play for the men's national team again while Rubiales is in charge.

The Spanish government will ask Rubiales to explain himself to a Spanish court as soon as possible, secretary of sport Victor Francos said earlier on Friday.

If the administrative court deems he violated the professional sports code, he could then be suspended.

Meanwhile, Fifa will look at whether his actions constitute violations of Article 13 in its disciplinary code, concerning offensive behaviour and fair play.

Source: BBC


Luis Rubiales: Spanish FA will take legal action over Jennifer Hermoso 'lies'

The Spanish football federation says it will take legal action over Jenni Hermoso's comments about its president Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales has refused to resign after kissing forward Hermoso on the lips following Spain's Women's World Cup final win over England in Sydney.

Hermoso said on Friday she did not consent, but the federation has questioned her version of events.

"The evidence is conclusive," it said. "Mr President has not lied."

In a statement by players' union Futpro, which is representing 33-year-old Hermoso, she is quoted as saying "in no case did I seek to raise (lift) the president" while they embraced on the podium.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) said: "The RFEF and Mr President will demonstrate each of the lies that are spread either by someone on behalf of the player or, if applicable, by the player herself.

"The RFEF and the President, given the seriousness of the content of the press release from the Futpro union, will initiate the corresponding legal actions."

The federation also said that, if selected, players have "an obligation" to play for the national team, after 81 female players said they will not represent Spain until Rubiales is removed from his post.

Real Betis striker Borja Iglesias has also said he will not play for the men's national team again while Rubiales is in charge.

In its statement, the RFEF provided four images of Hermoso's embrace with Rubiales, with an analysis of each, which it claims demonstrates that she applied the force to lift Rubiales' feet off the ground.

The federation says it has tried to contact Hermoso, who is Spain's leading women's goalscorer with 51 from 101 appearances, but have "been unsuccessful at all times".

Source: BBC
Angekuwa mchezaji wa kiume hata asingesakamwa kiasi hiki. Huyu jamaa ajiandae tu kujiuzuri 'uwt' wakishasala huponi, ndio dunia tuliyonayo hii.
Mwanaume kambusu mwanamke kwenye moment ya furaha imekuwa inshu kubwa. Hii mizungu sijui ikoje mbona tushaona sana mwanaume anamshika matako mwanaume wakati wa kushangilia na haiwi inshu. Wanalaana hawa
Wazungu ni wajinga Sana... Yaani wanaona hilo Jambo ni la ajabu Sana kuliko kufirana na kuwa mashoga?.
Wanawake wanakuja kuitawala hii dunia kutokana naujinga wawanaume
Hicho ndo Waabudu Shetani (Illuminati na New World Order proponents wote) wanachokitaka. Mwanamke akishawekwa juu tu, Shetani anakuwa na uwezo mkubwa wa kuitawala dunia.

Halafu harusi za siku hizi nawaona Mabwana Harusi wanawapigia magoti Mabibi Harusi kama mazwazwa vile. Kiroho, hiyo ni ishara kwamba Mwanamke amechukua mamlaka ya kifamilia na kindoa. MWANAUME KAKABIDHI MAMLAKA YAKE MWENYEWE KWA MWANAMKE.
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