Grandmother strangles day-old bastard baby to death

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Apr 11, 2008

A 45-Year-Old grandmother did the unthinkable when she strangled her day-old granddaughter for allegedly being a ‘bastard’.

Adwoa Mai, the suspect, was said to have gone into an uncontrollable range when her 14-year-old imbecile daughter, who got pregnant without knowing the man responsible for it, was delivered of the baby at Yamata, a village in the Debiso-Bia District in the Western Region last Tuesday.

Not only did the suspect strangle the baby; she is reported to have thrown the lifeless body through a window onto a refuse dump.
That happened barely 24 hours after the child had been born.
After that dastardly act, the suspect, who is a Muslim, is said to have repeatedly shouted, “It is Haraam!” In Islam, ‘Haraam’ is used to refer to anything that is prohibited by the faith.

Mai left the village for an unknown destination after the act and the police are currently on a lookout for her. According to the police, the dead baby’s mother (name withheld), who is an idiot, was made pregnant by an unknown person while she was staying with the suspect and she was not able to identify who made her pregnant.

They said the girl was allowed by the family members to carry the pregnancy, much against her mother’s belief that it was against Muslim religious practice.

The family, however, waited patiently for somebody to own up to the pregnancy but nobody did not until the child was born. Asked why the community members did not apprehend the suspect, the police said while the 14-year-old mother and the rest of the family focused on the dead body at the refused dump, Mai sneaked out of the house and had since not been located.

The police, however, said they had sent signals round and would soon apprehend the suspect to face the law.

Muslim Grandmother strangles day-old ‘bastard' baby to death |


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Oct 29, 2010
Anakimbia nini sasa?

Huku ndiko kutekeleza masuala ya imani "kishetani".


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Dec 29, 2010
huyo mama mpuuzi sana HARAAAM mwanae amabe hafahamu who is responsible for that child


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Apr 15, 2011
How many unreported perished souls are caused by events of this nature? People have lost their fear of God to an extent of halting others lives under the banner of religious laws! Poor infant whose life was brutally terminated by a mindless grandmother. This woman surely will have something to answer during judgement day even though she can manage to escape from an arm of law.


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Nov 20, 2010
Mungu aliempa punzi ya uhai huyo malaika hakuona kama ni haramu huyu bibi ndio kaona ni haramu kwake, kama anatimiza imani kwanini akimbie? mambo mengine ni ya kishetani tu wala dini ya kiislamu haisemi auwe ila inatambua mtoto haramu.siku za mwisho hizi huyo anafaa kukatwa kichwa hana maana hapa duniani.
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