Go ahead i always want a police dog

benhard mwabungulu

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May 18, 2012

Uncle Johnny, the village idiot goes into abar to have himself a cold one. Twenty minutes later, a policeman entered thebar and asked," Who owns the dog tied under that tree outside?"
Johnny said it was his.
"Your dog seems to be on heat" the officer said.
... Johnny replied, "No way... She's cool 'cause she's tied up under thatshade tree."
The policeman said, "No! You don't understand. Your dog needs to bebred."
... No way said Jonny, that dog doesn’t need bread. She isn’t hungrybecause I fed her this morning.

Theexasperated policeman said, “No, you don’t understand, your dog wants to havesex!”
Jonnylooked at the policeman and said, “well, go ahead, I always want a police dog”..

Am a junior member guys and bear with me if i am out of your ethics

The exasperated policeman said, "NO! Youdon't understand; your dog wants to have sex!"
Johnny looked at the cop and said, "Well, goahead. I always wanted a police-dog."
"No way,"said Johnny. "That dog doesn't need bread. She isn't hungry 'cause I fedher this morning'."
The exasperated policeman said, "NO! You don't understand; your dog wantsto have sex!"
Johnny looked at the cop and said, "Well, go ahead. I always wanted apolice-dog."


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