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Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by mwalimu Jr., Sep 20, 2008.

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    mwalimu Jr. Member

    Sep 20, 2008
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    Wasiojua ung'eng'e samahani maana makala ya leo ni kwa Kiingereza. Tafuta mtu akutafsirie ni tamu kweli na yenye uhamasishaji wa hali ya juu kabisa:

    ALL OVER the world now you can find a lot of Africans or blacks or people of African origin who don't think like their parents and grandfathers. They are not constrained by fear and lack of confidence like the old generation but exuberates confidence and competence unequalled to many other people. They are not ashamed of their color and appearance but rejoice in the endowments given to them by God and pity those with lighter skin, especially, as the Ozone layer continues to be thinner and thinner.

    They will be more of Afro-Arabs or Afro-Asians than Afro-American who unlike their parents have resigned to the whiteman lording it over them and his dominion.

    They will no be ashamed of their countries and living in foreign lands but living here in Africa and making Africa tick economically just like any other continent in the world.

    It is a generation that will have noted that open capitalistic systems like that of US and Britain have caused much suffering to their people while socio-democratic system and partially socialistic systems have spared their citizens from the mishap of the ill-governed global political system and, therefore, set to build an Africa that discards the evil aspects of capitalism which form part and parcel of the American and British capitalistic systems.

    They will look to the holy books like the Holy Quran to find answers to some of th most complicated challenges facing mankind. And they will succeed to get answers from there.

    Together with Arabs they will usher in the ARAB PANTHERS [ TIGERS] and AFRICAN LIONS [ TIGERS] -countries that reduce dependency with the worst and promote cooperation with the Arabs, Chinese and Asians.

    It is a generation called THE GENERATION NEXT AFRICANS [GNAs].

    You will find them in New York as you can find them in Accra. They are in London as they are in Dar es salaam. They are in Paris as well as Dakar.

    They know the previous generation failed them and they wish them to go as soon as possible and for them to try their luck. And they must be given a chance to do so by will or they will get it by hooks and crooks.

    Their first task will be to remove the current leadership that has become a shackle towards further development and take over ready to change the fate of million of Africans as the West plunge into the harshest recession ever.

    They will embrace the new technologies faster than any other race and master it for the benefit of the great African revolution now already underway. It is from these technologies and insight into what derivatives can be harnessed from them that shall make the big difference.

    What are differences between old and new generations? Amond others you will find that:

    . old worshipped titles and fame even though mostly ineffective and inept leaders,GNAs worship work and results,
    . old were a thieving lot, new will be men of integrity and honestym,
    . old thought the nation was wife or wives and children and the clan, new considers all adults and children as the nation,
    . old were inebriated fathers, new will be brothers and sisters in fighting poverty and backwardness,
    . old work after being bribed and lubricated, new shall be facilitators and catalysts of development,
    . old loved being rich without working, new will not value wealth until it is derived from their brains and sweat,
    . Old worshipped Britain and US not so with the new they will find their equals in Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, UAE,
    . the ' Mecca' of the old is London. Paris and New York, the new pay homage to Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Moscow.
    . old mindset works in line with the colonialists the GNAs work more likeJapanese or Chinese minds
    . old mesmerized by the west wealth, new ask why cannot we be rich like them or even more wealthier?
    . old never internalized technology, new seeks to be discoverers and inventors,
    . old never saw the potential of tansforming local inputs into basic machines and materials needed to simplify production, new seeks to use local and appropriate technology,
    . old lacked management and administrative skills, new excels in management
    . old restricted to few areas of knowledge and skills, new wishes to master everything,
    . old believed whites superior, new believes black superior,
    . old believed Africa was peripheral, new knows Africa is the centre.

    We are, therefore, charting into new territories as we set ready to host the first ever World Cup hosted on African soil, an event, generally accepted shall inspire Africans all over the world to undertake even much bigger challenges in future.

    Definitely, we shall meet resistance, a lot of it from some old diehards. But the cast has been thrown no going back. Or as the Waswahili of Tanzania like to say: ' Maji ukishayavulia nguo, lazima uyakoge!' That is since you have undressed ready for a bath, then you must take the bath.

    Here comes marching in THE GENERATION NEXT AFRICANS.
  2. H

    Huduma Member

    Sep 20, 2008
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    NINAVYOONA mimi kuna wengine ingawa wana majina ya Dini ya heshima lakini wanafaa kuwa wahubiri katika kanisa la walokole na wala sio kusimamia na kuongoza shughuli za chama.

    Hii sio miaka ya 'kurecycle' watu lazima utachemsha tu. Hivi kati ya wanachma wote wa CCM- vijana kwa wazee amekosekana mtu kweli mwenye kila sifa ya Ukatibu Mkuu wa chama?

    Katibu wa chama chenye kujiheshimu na kinachotaka kuendelea kuongoza umma ni lazima awe mtu ambaye kwa urahisi kabisa anaweza akachaguliwa kuwa rais wa nchi.

    Unapokuwa na watu ambao kwa kiingereza tunasema ni 'deadwood' inadhihirisha kabisa kwamba 'recycling' imefikia mahala ambapo huna utakachokipata toka kwa wale wanaokokotolewa.

    Katibu Mkuu anastahili kuwa mtu ambaye anajiheshimu na ahanheshimu watu wengine; anayejua kuwa wanaojua zaidi ya anachokijua; mwenye ustaarabu na uungwana; anayekubali kuwa hajui na kuwa tayari kujifunza mara kwa mara na juu ya yote anayetambua kuwa heshima yote ya chama iko juu ya mabega yake. Akiboronga yeye chama kizima kinapakwa matope.

    Kwa sababu hii hawi kamwe mtu wa kuropoka au mwenye majibu tayari tayari mdomoni mwake. Hutafakari kila jambo kabla ya kufunua mdomo wake. Anajua ulimi ni hatari mara mia kuliko mikono au bunduki. [Sasa nadhani anapata urahisi wa kusoma biblia kwa kuwa imeandikwa kwa Kiswahili lakini anagwaya Masahafu-mpeni wa Kiswahili basi!
  3. Gamba la Nyoka

    Gamba la Nyoka JF-Expert Member

    Sep 20, 2008
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    to realize some portions of that dream, Africa needs to unite, not unity in a sense that to create one country out of the whole continent(i dont think this is feasible, it wont be beatiful either) but to create 3 to five blocks of huge countries!!. just imagine if we SADC ountries unite to form one block as a country, we would have, Johannesburg, CapeTown, Maputo, Harare, Lusaka,Daressalaam, Luanda,Kinshasa,Lilongwe, and others, these would be major cities and financial centres which would be the powerhouse for the economy of this new African country. To me i think this is possible! and we have no excuse we need to unite SADC Assap!!!. look, China is very huge and one of the plan to create the strong China, the new China architects chose investment zone in order to create strong economic centres, so now China has Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing,Guangzhou now they invest in Chongqing these are the engines of china's economy, they also have hongkong and Macau. look! the distance from Shanghai to Chongqing is almost the same distance as from Daressalaam to Harare(differs only 70 km). so why are we afraid to Create this huge country?.
    by uniting we shall have much more people and hence huge market!, our resources will be abundant, minerals, wildlife, water, arable land, beaches, good climate. by uniting our SADC countries our army will from day one be a strong army, because if each country bring its army in a unified army can you imagine how strong shall we be?.(but ofcourse it will need restructing in the future by making it small but efficient).
    So SADC why dont we unite to form our own country with our own Federal government?
  4. jmushi1

    jmushi1 JF-Expert Member

    Sep 20, 2008
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    Makala safi sana.....Hopefully...It looks like "The revolution" is on the way...
  5. Nzokanhyilu

    Nzokanhyilu JF-Expert Member

    Sep 21, 2008
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    Who is this dreamer? More importantly what time frame is this geezer giving the GNAs to achieve this?
  6. K

    Kamundu JF-Expert Member

    Sep 21, 2008
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    Mwalimu good topic